Feeling Lost in Life? No more Barroom Psychology!

feeling lost in life

Feeling lost in life seems to be a rampant trend. What’s happening? Well, we shouldn’t be surprised, most people continue to live in an increasingly artificial society that encourages feeling lost in life.

Let’s start by saying one thing: if you feel lost in life, it’s precisely because you’re not on the correct path. Are you following me so far? Don’t get lost, we’re just getting started.

All kidding aside, if you’re feeling lost it’s because you’re not living your own, you’re not expressing yourself in your “ideal soil”, you’re not growing in your “fertile ground”.

You are like a seed, you have all the characteristics to express your maximum potential and generate successful fruits, but if you are a seed from sand that prefers a dry climate and you are in the middle of wet mountain soil you can not go far.

You should understand that this is not your ideal environment and you can never grow, develop and self-realize.

Listen to this feeling of disorientation you have. Your body is talking to you every day and is in constant communication with your mind.

Every cell in your body is telling you:

“You are lost, this is not the correct path for us, this is not your life! We are living someone else’s life! Do something about it!”.

And what is it that you need to do? Well definitely don’t keep staying in the same environment, doing the same things, and hanging out with the same people, because you’ll be stuck in the same slough. And you’ll continue to feel lost!

Now that we all agree that if you’re feeling lost it’s because you’re not walking your own path (yes! You’re not living your real life, but another person’s), the solution is to abandon this path that isn’t yours and start understanding how to find your way.

I could talk to you for weeks, but what I want to do in this article is to focus on one very important aspect: the “soil” and the “ground” around you.

If you’ve been following my Primordial Psychology you know that the soil includes everything that surrounds us: physical environment, work, love relationships, friends, colleagues, family, school, society, cultural and legislative aspects of the city in which you live.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a seed’s future depends a lot on its soil.

The good news is that you unlike a seed, can leave soil that is not making you happy and is not valuing you; and go grow in soil that will help you self-actualize. I have yet to meet a self-actualized person who is not happy!!!

Let’s try to understand a little more about you.

Were you always lost or was there a time when you felt alive and happy? Was there a time when you felt you had a mission and purpose in life?

You know, we can learn a lot from ourselves. Think about the last time you felt alive. Think about those times when you felt like dreaming. Can you remember what made you feel good and filled your heart? Have you ever wanted something with every cell in your body?

You may have even heard voices telling you, “Yes! I really like this,” or “This is what makes me vibrate and turn on.”

Awesome! Here is your path! Don’t be afraid and start living it!

But now back to the “ground” and the “soil” around you.

When you felt good, when you felt happy, when you felt alive and vibrating on high frequencies: which people were around you? Which people were closest to you?

You know, we are energetic beings, the people around us have a huge impact on our lives.

The people around you can turn you on or turn you off.

They can help you realize your dreams or make you forget them.

Not all people deserve to be in your corner. You need to choose people who will help you grow and inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

Choose people who are able to fuel the fire inside you. Feeling lost in life will only be a distant memory…

Are the people around you also lost and unhappy?

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn

Don’t underestimate the people you spend the most time with. Absorb their energy and mindset. The mindset is contagious! Are the people around you happy and self-actualized?

“To go with the limp, you learn to limp!”

Start hanging out with special people. Be inspired by these free souls who are living their mission and living their dream.

Haven’t found these special people yet? Haven’t found what you love to do yet?

Then start gaining new experiences and don’t stop until you find what you really love to do. You will meet so many wonderful people on this journey of finding yourself, getting to know yourself.

Feeling lost in life is not the end of the world and it may be easier than you think!

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