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mind mastermind

World's 1st Mastermind on the Empowered Mind

If you have completed at least my “MENTAL POWER Level 2” course, you will be able to work personally with me, along with the other students, to permanently power up your mind and help you achieve the really important goals you deserve!

The Inner Circle is limited to only 8 people a year…

“If that’s you … I’ll PERSONALLY work with you, along with 7 other extraordinary people, to empower your mind and your business to help you perform better in every area and double your profits in the next 12 months!”

The Zeloni Corporation Mastermind Events

Business Applied Mental Sciences

The Neuromarketing, Sales and Financial Management Training Weekend

The mastermind weekend where you can learn the best practices of Business Applied Mental Sciences. You will be able to enhance your business right away by getting practical and concrete tools that are immediately applicable in your business.

hybrid mastermind

100 Years of Experience in Just 7 Days to Take Your Life and Business to the Highest Level!

The Mastermind Event that gave birth to a New Generation of Hybrid Experiences: Training, Nature and Sustainable Tourism.

cena mastermind

The Epicenter of International Financing where Investors and New Ideas meet.

The mastermind dinner where new startups find private funding, and investors and business angels find new investment opportunities.

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