Isolating Yourself To Think

isolating yourself to think

Isolating yourself to think is the difference that makes the difference.

Yes! You understood well, isolating yourself to think!

Every day you receive thousands of information and every day you find yourself to making decisions that naturally influence your results.

But with all these external messages from other people, can you listen to the signals that come from the depths of your true essence?

Only if you learn to listen to the messages of your inner world will you be able to live according to your true nature.

Thinks. At this time in your life, are you working on your success or the success of other people?

Would you like to start listening to you to stop living another person’s life?

Do not let other people influence your results!

The decisions we make are taken according to our dominant thoughts, but you can not listen well in the middle of the noise, you can not see well in the fog and you can not make right choices for yourself in the midst of the influences and conditioning of this artificial society.

If you really want to listen to yourself, you must isolate yourself to think.

Learn to protect your spaces. Isolation is one of those fundamental processes for transforming a modern slave life into an extraordinary person of success, as well as allowing you to attend the most important person in your life. You!

It must become a habit to dedicate time to be alone and in silence, at least an hour a day, where you can walk, run, play sports or just relax in the middle of nature.

It helps you to find yourself, to know yourself better, to understand your way of thinking, of feeling, of understanding how you must behave and react to what happens to you in life.

But today it seems that man can not be alone anymore. Modern man can not bear even a few minutes of solitude.

He has become so incapable of being comfortable with himself, that when he is alone for a few minutes, instead of being grateful for the opportunity to think and reflect, he throws himself as a junkie on the technological devices he has at his fingertips.

Sometimes not even while driving can be alone, he prefers to communicate with other people risking his life and that of others, rather than enjoying the journey, observing, admiring, contemplating the road, the city, the landscapes or the surrounding nature, completely ignoring the true secret of happiness.

These people need a great healthy Digital Detox and of course learn to isolate yourself to think.

Isolation is a fundamental tool to maintain control of one’s life and allows us to carry out the most important activity of all, it is the art that dominates our life, it is the goddess of all activities: Thinking.

This noble and precious activity can not be carried out well among other people and with technological devices turned on.

Thinking is immense!

The nature of life is to aspire to more and more life, our human nature is to desire a better, happier, rich and abundant life and when you think you are inspired to grow, elevate and advance.

So thinking is growth, elevation and advancement.

If you are a person who is awake, of course you will have realized that allowing yourself time to isolating yourself to think and reflect is very wise.

It is also a good strategy to get better ideas, make better choices and regain lost lucidity.

The great geniuses of the past had their best ideas away from their workflow but during recreation and reflection.

In fact many of them had special places reserved for thinking. Because a state of tranquility and well-being helps intuition and creativity.

You will also discover that beginning to move away to think, you will have more opportunities at all levels that will make you advance to your higher level.

Isolating yourself, especially in the midst of nature, without technological devices, means enjoying quality time, and when you do this, you can learn a lot about yourself.

There are few sages who invest their time in moments of reflection to think, and this is what distinguishes champions from ordinary people.

Thinking is the difference that makes the difference and helps us to recompose our life, how to fix the pieces of a puzzle.

It serves to understand, make connections, and it is always useful to have a pen and paper with him to write down the ideas and insights that emerge (writing on paper is much more powerful than writing on technological devices).

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” Blais Pascal

Every day you get thousands of information and silence allows you to regenerate your brain, recover your energies, process information and allow your true being to emerge.

Think by exploiting the power of silence.

Learn to give yourself this precious time, if you have patience to keep silence, you will make new thoughts emerge and you will discover new things about yourself.

So find a shelter where nobody can bother you, find a special place reserved for reflection, your mind will thank you.

Taking time, isolating yourself to think, planning one’s own future, health, relationships and one’s career is one of the best and most profitable ways to spend one’s time.

Isolate yourself, think and follow your way!

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I Wish You The Best! And…

Good Isolation to Think!