The Intersubjective Mental Matrix

mental matrix

The Earth about a hundred thousand years ago was inhabited by at least six species of human beings.

They were common and insignificant animals with an impact on the planet comparable to that of other animals.

There is only one species left on Earth today who has become the lord of the planet: Homo Sapiens.

What made the difference is our ability to imagine. Being able to imagine has been the key to our success.


We are the only animals capable of talking about things that exist only in our mind, such as gods, states, markets, nations, bureaucracy, laws, rules, economics and money.

All of this exists only in our minds and was all created by previous generations.

The fictitious reality we live in is a pure invented creation. We live in an artificial society.

“Only in men’s imagination does every truth find an effective and undeniable existence. Imagination, not invention, is the supreme master of art as of life.” Joseph Conrad

We live in an Intersubjective Mental Matrix with invented rules and laws that exist only in our mind. Artificial society is always in danger and can collapse at any moment, because it is an artificial order, it is not a natural order.

A natural order is a stable order. If tomorrow we stop believing in the wind, it will continue to blow, if we stop believing in the waves of the sea, they will continue to exist, if we stop believing in the functioning of gravity, it will continue to work.

On the contrary, an imagined order is always in danger, it risks collapsing at any moment, since it is founded on myths that vanish once you no longer believe in them.

If we stop believing in a rule, would she continue to exist?

If we stop believing in a coin, would it continue to have the same value?

If we all stop believing in public debt, would he continue to exist?

And if we all start to believe that Santa is dressed in red, wouldn’t he become dressed in red?

To safeguard this false reality, this artificial society, great continuous efforts are indispensable. Armies, police forces, courts and prisons work tirelessly every day to force individuals to act in consonance with this imagined order.

An imagined order to be maintained requires that there be someone who truly believes in it. Why on earth should soldiers, jailers, judges and policemen maintain an imagined order they do not believe in?

They are the first to be manipulated, they are fundamental pawns to support this fictitious reality. Without them the system would collapse.

They are very important roles to maintain the system, and for this reason, these positions must be filled by people with certain very specific characteristics, their mode of indoctrination, training and selection is very clear and evident, but it is not in this video that we will address this topic.

It will never be admitted that the order was imagined, because people have to believe in this hidden and false reality to live in a cage.

The mass must live at the bottom of Plato’s cave without knowing that there is another world out there.

Their souls are chained. Many religions, laws, rules have completely destroyed humanity by making it a slave.
This artificial society is the architect of the consciousness that is dominating you today. Obviously, obtuse individuals will never accept that their beliefs are questioned, but fortunately the studies are progressing, highlighting situations and facts that are increasingly clear and eloquent.

Many will not like this unveiled story, this stark reality of things, but it is not a good reason to continue with the cover-ups. It is no longer allowed to continue poisoning the truth with clearly invented ideologies and theologies.

“A single priest often does the work of a hundred soldiers” Yuval Noah Harari

The message must be conveyed that society is an objective reality created by great gods or by the laws of nature and then a systematic education of people is needed. And it is here that you understand that the existence of individuals exists only in their reality that they have constructed.

From birth, people must be constantly indoctrinated with the principles of this artifact system, of this imagined order, of this false reality.

For a perfect manipulation, these principles are inserted and incorporated everywhere and you can find them in fairy tales, comedies, films, paintings, songs, rules of etiquette, political and religious propaganda, architecture, design and fashion.

And you can easily see that it is this fictitious reality that shapes people’s desires.

Without this imagined order, many people could not have exercised a power of control and domination over others. Without these creations of man, there would be no religions, nationalist ideologies and systems of power.

The latter, of course, whether they are part of economic, political or religious systems, need to keep the imagined order alive with their own unsustainable political, religious and economic vision, and continue undaunted to try to resist and block the cultural revolution. that is occurring.

Unfortunately, this imagination is so embedded in the material world that it is very difficult to unmask.

This difficulty does not allow people to understand in depth that this order governs their existence, it is only a meaning they have in their mind that does not correspond to the Truth, because the representation of reality is only an altered perception of reality, which does not correspond to the truth. true reality, but it is only their personal way of seeing it.

This is why Primordial Psychology is so very important. Because it helps us in its first phase to clear our minds of these limiting mental patterns. It helps us to regain possession of our Original Mind.

Obviously it is an uncomfortable discipline because the entire Intersubjective Mental Matrix would collapse.

Maybe we are just scratching the surface of the problem because today we are very few elected to have exposed these great artists who draw the lives of other people.

I find myself in perfect harmony with the thought of Yuval Noah Harari, one of the leading experts in world history, when in his book “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” he argues that the imagined order is intersubjective.

Because it is not a subjective order that exists only in our imagination, but rather an intersubjective order that exists in the shared imagination of thousands and millions of people. We will have to convince millions of strangers to cooperate with us if we are to change the artificial society in which we live.

We will have to convince millions of strangers to cooperate with us if we want to change the artificial society in which we live.

It is for this reason that I will take my Primordial Psychology books to schools. People must regain possession of their Original Mind without living in deception.

As soon as you are born, you are registered in the registry office, and you become a legal entity where you take on a public debt, which has nothing to do with you. Over the years we have built trust in money, books and laws, we have found ourselves slaves to bureaucracy, consumerism and the pursuit of happiness.

“The rebel lives individually – not as a cog in the wheel, but as an organic unity. His life is not decided by anybody else, but by his own intelligence. The very fragrance of his life is that of freedom – not only that he lives in freedom, he allows everybody else also to live in freedom. He does not allow anybody to interfere in his life; neither does he interfere in anybody else’s life. To him, life is so sacred – and freedom is the ultimate value – that he can sacrifice everything for it: respectability, status, even life itself. Freedom, to him, is what God used to be to the so-called religious people in the past. Freedom is his God.” Osho