Are You Living Another Person’s Life?

another person's life

Dear Friends,

I’m taking my walk by the sea and I have a question for you:

“Now, are you living your true life or another person’s life?”


I will be interviewed by Simon Knight – a very knowledgeable mind expert – and the title of the episode will be: “How to Regain Possession of Own Mind?”.

Now you will tell me, but why? Are we not in possession of our mind?

Maybe I should say “How to Regain Possession of Own Original Mind?”

What is the difference between an Original Mind and a Programmed Mind?

To explain this concept, we will have to go back to where it all began.

When you came into the world, you arrived empty, original, deeply connected with your most primitive part, deeply connected with your most primitive part, were the original version of yourself.

Then what happened?

Have you started receiving messages from outside that altered your true essence. Some messages are empowering, others limit potential of the people.

You have somehow been exposed to messages from the external environment.These stimuli from the external environment are formed by the messages received from friends, parents, teachers, authorities, cultural aspects of your hometown, somehow you have been programmed.

The problem is that during your first 7 years of life, you were not working with your conscious mind, because it was not yet formed. Your conscious and creative mind was not there.

And therefore, when you received these messages from the external environment you were not able to use your reason, you were not able to understand what was good for you and what was bad, what was right and what was wrong for you, that what could empower you and what could limit you.

In short, you have been programmed.

You have received programs from the external environment and they have installed themselves in your mind.

So, now, what is it you need to do to figure out if the programs you have received are good or bad?

Look at your life!

If you are living your true life right now, you are aligned with the original version of yourself, you are expressing yourself to your fullest potential, you are connected with your most primitive part, you are truly you, the original version of yourself… You know!

You wake up in the morning, you know if you are living your true life.

When the alarm goes off, what are you doing? You already get out of bed and start living the day because you can’t wait to do the things you like to do, or you are trapped in a life that is not yours, and when the alarm goes off, you want to sleep again because you don’t want to face the day that awaits you.

Think about it, be honest with yourself because it’s about your life.

If you missed the live, you can watch the recording here: How to Regain Possession of Own Mind?

I conclude by urging you to take advantage of the free resources for the mind that I have made available for you! See you soon!