New Definition of Emotional Intelligence and Relationship with the Mind

emotional intelligence

Why do we need a new definition of Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is an aspect of intelligence and there are many definitions that relate to the ability to recognize, use, understand and consciously manage one’s own emotions and those of others.

I disagree, though. We are not robots that can control and manage our emotions, but we can control and manage our reactions in front of an emotion.

Emotional intelligence is a skill that helps us perceive, understand and manage our own reactions and those of others when the mind offers us an emotion in response to an experience we are having.

To better understand this new definition of emotional intelligence that I have published in my new book SMART MASTERMIND we must leave behind some outdated concepts of traditional psychology, and look forward to primordial psychology.

We must first understand that we are not our mind, but a primordial consciousness of a spiritual nature.

The ontological nature of the human being is spiritual. We are endowed with a very sophisticated on-board instrument that is our mind that allows us to interact in the physical world.

Our mind allows us to connect to matter in the material world and thus allows this dimensional connection between our spiritual dimension and the physical dimension of the material world.

When we have an experience, the mind offers us an emotion. Our emotions are offered to us by our mind as a response to the experience we are having.

In the face of emotion, we can react with a reactive method (undergo the “provocation”) or with a reflective method: act as an external observer, observe what is happening around us both on an environmental and psychic level, become aware of the here and now, distance ourselves from emotional conditioning, depower emotional charges and contemplate..

This new definition of emotional intelligence is based on two fundamental principles:

  • we do not control or manage emotions, but rather reactions
  • we are not our mind, so the mind offers us an emotion in response to an experience that we are having

This is very important information to better understand ourselves, who we are and how we function. This is very useful information for those who are beginning their spiritual growth for a spiritual awakening.

Where can you start? Start by empowering your sophisticated onboarding tool: your mind!

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