The Power of Silence

the power of silence

Dear reader,
today I would like to share with you, The power of art that feeds wisdom: The Silence.

The power of silence is a luxury for everyone, but that few people can give themselves.

Why should you exploit the power of silence?

Simply because our brain needs it.

You must know that there are brain processes that can be completed only with silence, which organizes and integrates the relevant information and gets rid of what it considers superfluous.

Therefore, silence is really a sort of real purification and activates your inner therapeutic energies.

Dissolve the tensions, calm the soul and I think you will learn to love it, because it does not bother you, it does not wake you up, it makes you more intelligent, creative and sure of yourself.

It is also a process of self-reflection that leads you to reflect on yourself. It raises the volume of your thoughts, plunges you into the abyss of thoughts, emotions, memories, in a dimension to search for the points of reference necessary to redirect your life.

It is also a fundamental weapon to understand how to find your own way, purifies your emotions and recomposes your individuality.

It makes you feel in tune with the world, it makes you more flexible in the face of changes, it makes you start again with adequate energies and horizons.

All this is the power of silence! And it’s simply a very powerful cure.

So from now on, start taking advantage of this great power and allow yourself the luxury of being in silence to listen to you.

Nurture a habit to isolate yourself to think in silence in nature.

Nature nourishes your soul and will help you to recharge your mind, body and spirit.

You will therefore have both physical and mental benefits.

Furthermore, being in silence, surrounded by nature, allows you to get in touch with the most primitive part of yourself, in a pure and uncontaminated dimension where natural order reigns.

It allows you to fast from the artificial society, to put into action in a natural way your original mental processes, which will bring out your deep essence, your true essence.

Now you just have to give yourself the luxury of spending some time alone in silence.

Of course, there are many other things you can do for your mental growth.

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Why should you start empowering your mind now?

Because the mind is the main control system of our life. And believe it or not, there are programs in your mind right now that are stealing your power.

You know that you can be so much more. And you also know that you can do much more, but you can’t.

Days keep passing by, but you can’t!

You know, you sense that there is something blocking you, but you don’t know what it is.

You can’t explain it. You just know that something is limiting you. You just feel that there is.

All your life you have had the feeling that there is something that has always held you back. What is it that’s blocking you from achieving the life you’ve always wanted?

You don’t really know what it is but you feel it, it’s a sensation you might be feeling right now.

What is the truth?

I told you, there are programmes in your mind that are stealing your power.

Let me show you how you can regain that power so that you can regain possession of your Original Mind through Primordial Psychology.

You are much more powerful than you think!

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One last thing. Remember that: Silence is golden!

And remember: Silence is golden!