Improving Performance with Mental Reprogramming

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Improving Performance with Mental Reprogramming?

Mental reprogramming is very important for performance improvement.

🎸 We already know that playing an instrument enhances our cognitive functions (at least you should know this if you have read some of my books), but that is not what I want to talk about today. 🎸



After my band had broken up, I had lost the impetus to play, went a couple of years playing very little, and subsequently a good 7 years without touching a guitar (maybe a dozen times in 7 years).

πŸ“Œ Until a drummer friend of mine invites me to hear him play, and tells me that if I want I can come up and do “a blues” with his new band. πŸ“Œ

πŸ“£ So I tell him, “Okay, I’ll come by the rehearsal room on Monday to try it out, which I’m very rusty, and then on Saturday I’ll come and play it.” πŸ“£

In my opinion it was an outstanding performance since it had been 7 years since I had played and I was completely out of practice.

πŸ’‘ But few people know that it is possible to improve our performance even without training, and this is a great advantage for those who know how to use their minds.πŸ’‘

(Yes! We are not our mind; our mind is a tool! But I will tell you about that next time…)

🎡 I played almost as if I had never stopped (although I confess that I would not be able to play much longer because my fingers were getting heavier and heavier and my hand was beginning to ache) 🎡

🟩 I used 7 mental reprogramming strategies that enabled me to perform well:

1. I did not play with a conscious mind
2. My mind was not in the present
3. I used “anchors.”
4. (You can find it only in my course “Mental Empowerment Level 1“)
5. (You can find it only in my course “Mental Empowerment Level 1”)
6. (You can find it only in my course “Mental Empowerment Level 2“)
7. (You can find it only in my course “Mental Empowerment Level 2”)

πŸ” What makes me proud of my 20-year studies on the mind is that they are not just theories, but I can apply them in my real life at any time and they really make me live the life I want to live… πŸ”

πŸ”“ What’s even better is that it’s something transferable and I can give it to anyone and everyone can use it to their advantage.πŸ”“

Then again, you know–when you study something for 20 years, you can learn a lot about that thing…

⏳ Since mid-May, I started playing again (only one 3-hour rehearsal a week) and I feel better than when I used to play every day in high school (because now I can use my mind much better and I can get maximum results with minimum effort and you could do it too by applying the teachings of my courses)⏳

Only after 4 rehearsals did I go to play at a Jam Session (you get on stage and improvise something with musicians you’ve never seen before), and the video you see is the performance of my 4th Jam Session.


βœ… Thanks to mental reprogramming, I saved a lot of time and was instrumental in improving my performance. βœ…

I was able to perform very well with very little training and exercise after many years of inactivity.

(And these are strategies that I apply in every area of my life, even in business and sports, and they work very well.)

⁉ But what is the problem with MENTAL REPROGRAMMING? ⁉

That those who talk to you about it still don’t understand what the mind looks like…

I mean, a cardiologist knows what a heart looks like and can help you, but these characters: how can they help you reprogram the mind if they don’t even know what it looks like?

β›”Β For many years a design of the mind popularized by Bob Proctor has been going around and is being parroted by other guys in the field of education (some good, but still too immature/inexpert) without reflection. β›”

❌ (Yes, unfortunately this is how they do it, they repeat things they have seen on other courses without having understood them and without thinking, and that is also why in record time they manage to churn out one course after another) ❌

I don’t study like that, I use the technique of reflective learning (I talk about it in some of my books) and I’m not in a hurry to churn out one course after another (nor am I on the hamster wheel of social networks that would like me to post all the time to curry favor with the algorithms)

I am free to devote as much time as I want to my studies, and that is also why my courses are much deeper than others (they are more powerful and cost 10 times less)

πŸ“£ You want to know something about that drawing? The truth is that drawing is limiting (by a lot) your potential. πŸ“£

➑ If you want to know more about your mind and improving performance, don’t miss my upcoming publications, and if you want, take advantage of the free resources for the mind that I have made available on my site.

Happy Mental Empowerment to All!