Why do you need to Reprogram the Mind?

reprogram the mind

Are you sure you don’t need to reprogram the mind?

Let’s try to understand why it is so important to reprogram the mind.

Imagine now that there are 10 versions of yourself, born on different continents, raised in different cities by different families.

Do you agree with me that you would be different people with different results?

Of course, this depends on the programming received from the external environment.

Let me explain further:

When you come into the world, you are the original version of yourself, deeply connected with your most primitive part. You have no dirty mind and your primordial consciousness can shine. You are pure light. You are pure love.

But then you began to receive messages from outside that altered your true essence.

Some messages empowered you and were consistent with your primordial essence, while others limited your potential, “dirtied” your mind, and the light of your primordial consciousness began to be dimmed.

Then instead of continuing to manifest your primordial qualities-Love, Truth, Peace, Happiness, Serenity, Abundance, Power and Knowledge-which are intrinsic in your original nature, you received messages that fouled your original mind and began to drift away from yourself.

Day by day you found yourself getting farther and farther from your natural path, perhaps you found yourself living a life you did not want.

You found yourself living another person’s life.

It happened mainly because of the conditioning and influences of an increasingly artificial society, further and further away from our primordial instances.

Thus, disconnected from the most primitive part of yourself, and no longer aligned with the original version of yourself, you began to manifest hatred, anger, sadness, sorrow, envy, greed, poverty, lies, guilt and unhappiness.

What has happened to your mind?

During your first 7 years of life, you were not operating with the conscious mind, your conscious, creative mind, had not yet formed.

And so, when you were getting messages from the external environment (family, friends, school, society) you were not able to use your reason, you were not able to understand what was good for you and what was bad, what was right and what was wrong, what could help you express your maximum potential and what was sabotaging it.

Simply put, you have been programmed, and now there are programs in your mind that are stealing your personal power. Look at your life!Are you living the life you desire? Are you doing what you like to do? Are you living according to your primordial nature or an acquired nature that you feel is not your own?

You know it! You feel it! There are programs that are stealing your power!

You may have noticed that whenever you want to change something in your life to improve it, you feel a force limiting you.

Maybe you wanted to go to the gym, eat better, change partners, acquire healthier habits, wanted to earn more money, read more books to learn new skills, but then despite your good intentions, you did little or nothing.

Time passes, you would like these things, but you can’t!

You know, you sense that there is something that is blocking you, but you don’t know what it is.

You can’t explain it. You just know that there is something that is limiting you. You just feel that there is.

All your life you have had the feeling that there is something that has always been holding you back. What is it that is holding you back from living the life you have always wanted?

You don’t really know what it is but you feel it, it’s a feeling that you may be feeling even now.

You have to reprogram the mind!

95% of the time you use your unconscious mind, only 5% of the time your conscious mind. And we act according to the programs installed in our unconscious mind.

If programs are installed in your unconscious mind to make you go left and you want to go right, you will go left! The programs in the unconscious mind are activated automatically, unconsciously.

Just to give an example, there are so many poor people who want to earn more money, but then unconsciously, they feel dislike for those who have money, they feel embarrassed to be paid a lot for something, they think money is dirty, that it is hard to make, that only crooks make it, or they are not ready to receive abundance, they feel they do not deserve it, and many other things (such as continuing to do the same actions that led them to have exactly what they have).

Your 5% wants something, but it is fighting against 95%. Your unconscious struggles against it, and you can’t!

Among many things, the unconscious mind controls your body and prompts it to take actions. And as you well know, actions determine your results.

Until you change your programs installed in the unconscious, nothing will change. You will continue to sabotage yourself and never get the results you want.

The first step in reprogramming the mind?

As the Therapeutic Pyramid of Primordial Psychology suggests, the first step is to cleanse the mind, and within MENTAL EMPOWERMENT LEVEL 1 you will learn how to do this.

This step is crucial! You can’t reprogram yourself with the “dirty” mind still conditioned and influenced: it’s like telling an arsonist to put out a fire, it’s like an addict reprogramming himself to get more drugs.

All the mental reprogramming courses I have seen on the market are incomplete:

  • They have not yet understood what the mind looks like (see, for example, the erroneous mind design promoted by Bob Proctor).
  • They tell you “you are your mind” when your mind is a tool (how many times have I repeated this? Maybe they will start saying it too!).
  • They let your mind reprogram (it’s like telling an arsonist to put out a fire).
  • There are overweight trainers (who maybe even go to the gym) but continue to be overweight because they are the first ones who fail to reprogram their minds and change their “Self Image” because they have not yet figured out how real mental reprogramming works. (If they start listening to me, you will soon see them fit).
  • They are courses prepared in a short time just to sell video courses and to make the “launch of the month” (my course came out in 2018, after 15 years of studying the mind).
  • They are unbalanced and geared mostly toward “making money,” which is good to make money because it amplifies who you are, but it is always good to maintain a balance with the other important areas of life. Unfortunately, I can guarantee you that some people who are obsessed with making money are having problems with anger, depression, and suicidal tendencies (yes, there are rich people who continue to be angry with others and have problems with boredom and depression).
  • and much more… If I were to list all the inaccuracies I have heard in their courses, we would run out of time!


In conclusion, the experiences you have had especially those between the ages of zero and seven are very important. This is the period when most of our subconscious mind is configured and we begin to form our self-image. Our paradigms and mental patterns begin to take shape, which are the lenses through which we view the world and perceive reality.

You cannot change your reality unless you change the mental patterns that created it.

Hear me out! Not only have I devoted a lifetime to studying the Human Mind, but I have also applied what I was studying in real life…

At one point I started reflecting on my past, I was asking myself questions about why I had gone from:

  • From being the worst guitarist on the beach to the best (2000)
  • From bench water polo player to starter (and I also began to play soccer well)
  • From turning red and feeling uncomfortable around people to being confident in every situation
  • From being terrified of public speaking to feeling comfortable and enjoying speaking in front of hundreds of people
  • From dating a girl once in a blue moon, to dating a different one every week (2009)
  • From being penniless to earning €800 a day (2012)
  • And many other things…

What had happened?

The remarkable thing was that the changes happened abruptly in a short period of time (some changes occurred in as little as 4 weeks, others in 3 months).

How was it possible to distort one’s results in such a short time? Something had happened in my mind!

I understood that the secret was to use the mind in a different way.

Over time I understood that I could apply it in every area of my life to improve my performance.


The nice thing about this was that it was something that was transferable and I could give it to anybody and they could use it to their advantage.

If you, too, want to reprogram your mind to live the life you want, I recommend studying MENTAL EMPOWERMENT LEVEL 1 (and doing the exercises above all!) You will finally find what you need.

Alternatively, you can start with the free resources for the mind that I have provided for you.

Happy Mental Empowerment!