Smart Mastermind

smart mastermind

Smart Mastermind: Smart Mastermind & Remote Working – Psychology of Work and Organizations for Virtual Teams, Collaborative Networks and Mastermind Groups

Smart Mastermind is a captivating instructional guide on how to navigate ways of working in this technological age. While smart and remote working are not new concepts, they are now defining the very way we think about working or approaching more complex projects.

This book contributes to fostering both maximum well-being for the people who work, and maximum benefit for the organization they work for; seeking to improve psychological conditions, motivation, and relationships with role players, the company, and the work environment.

The guide also focuses on increasing productivity in workplaces and the physical and mental well-being of workers.

In addition to the interaction between individual and work activity, we will examine the systems of interdependence between individuals and the organization that lead to the achievement of a common purpose and the relationships that can lead to improvements within a group.

You will also learn:

  • How to make the best use of smart and remote working
  • How to increase productivity and learn how to manage distractions
  • Improving mental and physical well-being and avoiding irreversible brain damage
  • Using collaboration to better respond to business opportunities and thrive even in turbulent and uncertain conditions
  • Leverage the web for international collaborations and develop collaborative networks with complementary organizations or professionals to be competitive in certain business, markets, or scientific innovations
  • Knowing the chemistry of mind to exploit the principle of the master mind
  • How to effectively manage and optimize performance of a virtual team

Smart Mastermind will equip you with all the skills you need to work remotely in a healthy and profitable way and have diverse and well-rounded teams, leading to the best possible outcomes.


Smart Mastermind is available on Amazon, in both paper and digital versions. You can find it in bookshops all over the world (such as Barnes & Noble, Wallmart, Booktopia, Waterstones, Book Depository), but most of all you can find it in the Zelary.

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Smart Mastermind