Beware of Mental Reprogramming Courses!

mental reprogramming courses

ATTENTION TO MENTAL REPROGRAMMING COURSES! They don’t know what the mind is like!!!

We must be very careful with any training course that concerns the mind (especially mental reprogramming courses).

Why? What’s the problem?

The problem is that universities, mental health professionals, coaches and trainers still don’t understand what the mind is like.

I open a parenthesis: do you know what your mind is like? Could you draw it?

✅ When you go to a mechanic, he knows what your car is like (and he can fix it)…
✅ When you go to a dentist, he knows what your teeth are like…
✅ When you go to a cardiologist, he knows what the your heart…

❌ But in almost all cases, when you go to a psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, coach or trainer they doesn’t know what your mind is like.


Sometimes I’ve tried to ask for a drawing, but I’m not never managed to do it to me, but they could never get it done for me (and it’s absolutely not their fault because they were never taught).

I don’t think anyone would go to a cardiologist who doesn’t even know what a heart looks like, pbut for some undefined reason, when it comes to the mind this is allowed. I find it absurd but…

How do you fix something if we don’t even know what this thing is like? Can not be done! It can only be done by trial and error, but it wastes people’s time!

Some might tell me, here is Bob Proctor’s design of the mind (Dr. Fleet’s design).

Now, I respect Bob Proctor, I have taken several courses and there are some very valid concepts, so I have nothing against Bob Proctor, but it is certain that what we are told is not all true.

But a lot of training guys, take whatever the North American gurus say as true.

That is, it seems like only they have the truth, only the North American gurus have the truth!

Believe me, it’s not in the United States that you should be studying the mind

I have enjoyed creating psychological profiles of some trainers and some are highly manipulable individuals.

Now, this topic is broad, but like… They begin to assume the mannerisms of their teachers, then… With all the places in the world one could move to, that is, we are 8 billion, each one is unique, each one is unique with his preferences…

With all the places in the world where one could move, they move to the same place!

It is not that they choose from the depths of their essence, but they let themselves be influenced by the external environment.

They look like photocopies of photocopies.

As I said before they are highly manipulable individuals, but guys, this is a really very complex topic and it deserves a video belonging, otherwise we leave room for misunderstandings.

Anyway, let’s go back to the design promoted by Bob Proctor.

You won’t believe it but this design is limiting your potential.

If you think this is is your mind design you are cut off from a lot of stuff…

You are only taking advantage of 30% of the power of mental reprogramming.

You heard right! Only 30%! That’s it! you are neglecting the other 70%…

Now, if you have already taken my MENTAL EMPOWERMENT LEVEL 1 course and have already done my mastermind events in 2017 – 2018 – 2019 you already know what I am talking about and you already know how to reprogram the mind in the right way, but I want to reveal something also to those who follow me and are evaluating my training courses.

So, don’t miss the next videos because I will reveal the drawing of the mind.

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Happy Mental Empowerment to Everyone!