Mental Manipulation and Propaganda: The Monkeys Experiment

mental manipulation and propaganda

Dear Friends,
in today’s video we will talk about mental manipulation and propaganda.

The base of the Primordial Psychology pyramid is about CLEANING THE MIND. Cleaning the mind of what?

We live a life that derives from our experience, which will be more or less true or more or less right, but a life that lives in a reality that we have built only from something experienced by us, which does not correspond to the true truth.

It is only an imperfect subjective reality which does not correspond to the absolute reality.

People create their world according to personal beliefs and convictions, they create a reality based on all their thoughts, emotions, feelings, sensations, judgments, ideas and actions.

Each of us created an image of the world when he was a child.

So it is we who create the world we live in and what we perceive as reality.


The books you have read, your experiences, the events you have experienced, the environment around you, the information you have received from your family, your teachers, your friends, the authorities, the media, have created your habits, your attitudes, your assumptions, your convictions, your beliefs and your expectations.

And the big problem is that your brain is constantly searching in daily life for elements supporting the reality you have been led to believe.

Now let me tell you about Dr. Stephenson’s controversial Cage experiment.

After watching this video, you can’t help but notice that many of us are living inside a big cage, this big cage of artificial society.

In this 1967 experiment involved 10 monkeys, a bunch of bananas, a ladder and a sprinkler of freezing water.
Dr. Stephenson begins by locking 5 monkeys in a large cage. Inside the cage was the ladder with the bunch of bananas on it.

The monkeys immediately notice the bananas and one of them begins to climb the ladder, but this is sprayed by the experimenter with freezing water.

The same treatment is reserved for the other 4. The 5 monkeys remain on the ground for some time, wet and disoriented but the temptation of bananas is strong and another monkey begins to climb the ladder.

Once again the monkeys are sprayed with the icy water. When the third monkey tries to climb up to get to the bunch of bananas, her companions, wanting to avoid being sprayed, pull her off the ladder by beating her.

From now on the monkeys will no longer try to reach the bananas. Follow me again. Now comes the second part of the experiment.

Follow me again. Now comes the second part of the experiment.

A new monkey is introduced into the cage in place of one of the 5. As soon as she notices the bananas she begins to climb the ladder.

The other monkeys, knowing the consequences, force her down and beat her. In the end she too, like the other 4, gives up the meal, but she has never been splashed with cold water, without knowing why she couldn’t do it. without knowing why he couldn’t do it.

Another replacement occurs and a new monkey is inserted in place of one of the original 4 remaining.

Now in the cage we have: a new group formed by the three initial monkeys who knew they didn’t have to take bananas, a monkey who had learned to give up on reaching the fruit due to the violent reaction of the group and a new monkey.

The latter, of course, climbs the ladder to reach the bunch of bananas. As happened before, the group prevents her from reaching the fruit without the researcher having to spray water.

Even the first monkey replaced, the one that had never been sprayed, but that had been dissuaded by the others, took action to prevent the newcomer from enjoying the fruit.

The monkey replacement procedure is repeated until there are only new monkeys in the cage that have never experienced freezing water.

Obviously, the latest arrival also tries to reach the bunch of bananas, but all the others prevent it even if none of them know the reason for the ban.

The scene that Dr. Stephenson describes is significant. The last monkey arrived, with an inquisitive attitude, tried to know, to understand, to know the reason for the ban on eating the fruit.

The other monkeys looked at each other as if looking for an answer, but none of those present could know it, because none had been punished by the experimenter for trying, it was the group that opposed it.

A new rule had been passed down to the next generation, but its motives disappeared with the disappearance of the group that had learned it.

These monkeys had learned not to climb the ladder without even knowing why, just because they were told they couldn’t go up.

Now if you are a smart person, I think you will have noticed that this is what happened to our generation.

We have learned rules handed down from previous generations, are rules, traditions handed down by generations that have disappeared and we don’t even know why.

These are rules that we often do not share and above all that we have not chosen. These traditions, often cited as a guarantee of truth, have now become a certainty of manipulation.

It is said that “monkeys do what they see” but we humans are not far from this type of behavior.

Imagine being able to ask those monkeys why they beat ambitious companions who tried to climb the ladder of happiness and freedom. The answers would have been more or less these: “These are the rules!”, “We don’t know exactly, but that’s how it’s done”, “This is what they’ve always taught us, we’ve always done this”, “But why yes, everyone does it, so that’s right”.

Are you already starting to think? It may be that you are already aware that the world is full of great artists who draw the lives of others.

I don’t know if with this video you are beginning to understand the importance of Primordial Psychology, especially of its first phase, that of CLEANING THE MIND.

I could really talk for weeks about this first phase, the question is really very long and wide, but one thing is certain: we have to clean people’s minds from the mental manipulation and propaganda that man has suffered from previous generations and from the current one.

I think you are beginning to understand that my discipline is quite uncomfortable because it also goes to unmask the artificial society in which we live.

If Primordial Psychology spreads, the Intersubjective Mental Matrix would collapse…

That’s why who should talk about it, don’t talk about it… That’s why who should talk about it, don’t talk about it…

I have already been censored in 2010 with my Theory of Reality, for having addressed these topics and many others, but I believe that now it will not happen again, and I will fight for my books to arrive in schools, it will surely take many years, maybe decades.

One day Primordial Psychology will be taught in schools in the meantime, I will continue to write my books and make more videos on these topics to help you better understand what is happening.

If you want to know about my working methods, have a look at the Zeloni Magelli Protocol.