The Secret of Happiness

secret of happiness

What is the secret of happiness?

The secret of happiness should be taught in schools. There are too many people that I hear saying: “I need this to be happy”, “When I have this then I will be happy”, “When this happens then I will be happy”.

The truth is that these people will never be happy, they will postpone happiness for their whole life.


Let’s take this moment to reflect

People think they need something to be happy.

But in reality, we don’t say “I have happiness”, we say “I am happy”.

This because? Because you can’t have happiness.

Happiness has nothing to do with having, it is about being.

This is why we say “I am happy” and we do not say “I have happiness”.

Happiness is a state of mind. You can be happy immediately. For example, you can use an emotional anchor, such as music, a song, a memory, a film or a funny video.

Do you have to be happy 24 hours a day? No! Unfortunately, in life there are many injustices, even serious ones, and sometimes it is healthy to get angry.

Anger is not always a negative emotion. Anger can also be positive, but don’t keep it inside. It will eat away at you and make you ill.

When you are angry, express all the anger you have, let it out.

rain yourself, channel it into activities that are important to you, maybe it will give you that extra strength, that grit, to achieve results that maybe you would never achieve.

So sometimes anger is positive. For example, before a sporting performance, or another kind of performance, I like to load myself up, with that little bit of competitive anger that then allows you to do a superior performance.

So don’t be happy 24 hours a day. But try to be happy most of the time.

Because if you think about it, there are many things to be happy. There are so many things you take for granted.

Your life is full of little things and happiness is within them.

I’m going to tell you a particular anecdote, sometimes I still get excited when I think about it.

I was outside a shop a few years ago and I was talking to two people, while a gentleman passed by who had a small dog without hind legs. The owner had built him a little cart with wheels so that he could walk on his front legs.

This little dog was full of life, bursting with joy, cheerfulness, with an incredible desire to play. He had an impressive will to live inside.

After seeing this scene, I turned towards these two people who were complaining.

Do you see how lucky you are? Why do you have to lose things first to see how lucky you are! You have no idea how lucky you are, there are so many things in your life for which you have to be grateful and happy! You don’t realise it!

Unfortunately, most people only give importance to things after they have lost them.

You have so much to be happy about.

However, let us not confuse satisfaction with happiness. Because sometimes it is right to be “almost always dissatisfied”.

Now I don’t want to give a wrong message, but sometimes that slight dissatisfaction is good, because it allows you to grow, it allows you to want something more in life.

So not being 100% satisfied can be useful for growth.

But there are so many things to be happy about in life.

A single day is full of many things to be happy about.

Is it easy? Not at first, because you have to train your mind first. You have to empower your mind.

As you know, I specialise in mental empowerment, I am not a traditional psychologist. You can find all the information on my website and take advantage of the free material I have made available.

You will find exercises to strengthen your brain, they are free, download them. Download the ebook.

And you absolutely must do the masterclass “How to Reprogram the Mind to Get All the Results You Want, Even if You’re a Beginner”.

Because everything I have achieved in my life has been thanks to my mind. If today I can truly afford not to work and dedicate time to the things I want to do, it was thanks to the replacement of the mental programs I had before.

I have reprogrammed my mind!

Because the mind is the main control system of our life.

If you are not in control of your mind, you cannot be in control of your life.

You have been programmed from birth and you may have programs in your mind that are blocking you.

What do I mean by mind? First of all, mind and brain are two very different things. And when I speak of mind, I am not just referring only to the conscious mind.

The mind is inside our whole body. To reprogram the mind we have to act on the unconscious, the subconscious mind and the superconscious.

Do the masterclass and you will understand many things about your mind.

But now back to talking about happiness.

If there is one thing I have understood, it is that it is not so important where we will go. The final result or the goal we reach is not so important.

The secret of life is to enjoy the journey, to enjoy the journey!

Do not wait to enjoy your achievements only after you have reached them.

Because there is so much, so much to enjoy every step of every day.

You must enjoy the journey, that is the secret of happiness. That is the secret of life.

Enjoy every single moment.

I invite you to read my favourite ode, Horace’s Carpe Diem, which I have carried with me since high school.

I invite you to read it several times and understand its deeper meaning.

It is often very misunderstood. It does not mean to be opportunistic or to live the day in a daze as if it were the last day of your life.

No! You have to enjoy the moment, enjoy every little moment, that is the secret of happiness and the secret of life.

Seize the moment, live it to the fullest.

You can be happy simply by sitting in an armchair and sipping a nice cup of leafy green tea (rich in catechins, I talk about it in one of my books).

If you look carefully at your life, you will find much to be thankful and happy for.

Don’t take the things you have for granted. Don’t take the relationships you have for granted, because any day now you could lose them, lose them!

So, enjoy every little moment and make the most of everything you have.

Every day is a gift! Every day is a gift!

Read Horace’s ode, Carpe Diem, all the way through, read it all the way through until you understand the true meaning, but it is not enough to understand it, you have to put it into practice.

You will put it into practice when you realise that there is so much happiness, even in drinking a simple glass of water. You cannot imagine how fortunate you are.

I want to give you an exercise to do for your happiness.

I hope it will really help you to understand the secret of happiness.

Imagine you are 90 years old, and you are sitting in an armchair looking at nothing, OK?

You’re 90 years old and you’re sitting in an armchair looking at nothing. What do you think?

Think about how many regrets you might have when you are 90.

As you look at the wall you begin to wish:

“I would love to come back in 2021, I would love to come back in 2021 and relive those moments to relive my whole life from 2021 to now!”


Wish granted! Wish granted! Wish granted!

You are back in 2021, but now enjoy this life to the full. Your wish is granted!

Enjoy life to the full now. You have had your second chance. Don’t miss it! Don’t miss it!

Enjoy every single moment of your life, because life is short and fleeting.

Time is already running out as we speak.

The only thing we have is the present, we have neither the past nor the future.

The only thing we have is the present and we must learn to live it.

In my books you will find Mindfulness exercises to increase your awareness and to live in the present moment.

And also remember that everything I learned about the mind, I put into the Zeloni Magelli Protocol.

As you know, I specialise in mental enhancement and can really increase your performance both physically and mentally at every level!

So what is the secret of happiness?

Surely you have understood that happiness is not about having, but about being, so learn to be happy.

There are many things in your life for which to be grateful, to express your gratitude and to be happy.

You have so many things, you just don’t see them, because you see them every day.

Do not take the things you have for granted, because when you lose them you feel very bad.

You are lucky, you are fortunate, although in the world it is true, there are so many injustices and so many people are experiencing difficult situations.

But whatever your situation is, you can get out of it. You can only get out of it by changing your mental patterns, and do you know why?

Because the function of the mind is to create reality from your mental schemes, it transforms your beliefs into your reality.

If you do not change the mental schemes that have generated your reality, you will never change anything.

Find everything in the masterclass, take advantage of the free material, I am sure you will enjoy it.

Remember, if you do not change anything in your life, you will get the same results.

It is foolish to hope for different results by continuing to do the same things. Do you realise that this is impossible?

Now you know the secret of happiness. Learn to be happy! See you soon!