Zeloni Magelli’s Continuous Stimulation Variation

stimulation variation

The Continuous Stimulation Variation is a theory that I began to elaborate during my university studies in psychology.

The Continuous Stimulation Variation is a science to change one’s own behavior and mental processes to be more effective and efficient.

It all began by studying the experimental research program of Elton Mayo and Fritz J. Roethlisberge (1924), which they started at the Western Electric Company in Hawthorne (Chicago).

The two sociologists were investigating the possible relationship between worker productivity and the work environment.

They had conducted a series of experiments to ascertain the degree of connection between lighting and performance.

The surveys based on the level of productivity achieved in the different lighting conditions (stimulation variation) had confirmed a positive correlation between the two variables productivity and lighting.

The stimulation variation caused a global improvement in the performance of workers and therefore an increase in productivity of the entire plant

But the research had also highlighted some latent psychological factors that conditioned the manifest behavior of the workers.

Workers who knew they were being observed carried out a more efficient behavior, therefore the experiments themselves had contributed to the improvement of the work performance and to the productivity of the factory.

These research, together with other psychology theories, gave life to what is today the Zeloni Magelli’s Continuous Stimulation Variation

A science to change and influence one’s own behavior and mental processes to become more effective and efficient in every field of one’s life.

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