The Law of Mastermind Alliance

mastermind alliance

I have always made a lot of mistakes in my entrepreneurial career, I remember at one point asking myself:

What is the primary cause of success, the source of the wealth and power of the greatest entrepreneurs in history?

I found the answer by studying Napoleon Hill’s books. It is the Mastermind Group, the Law of Mastermind Alliance. Understanding this law has changed the entire course of my life.


I remember being so fascinated by this discovery that I began to want to know more and wanted to experience it for myself.

I tried to tell some of my business friends about this discovery, but they didn’t listen to me much, except for Angelo Maria Riccardo Venditti.(Studio Bee One) and Alessio Vastano (Quintessence) who enthusiastically welcomed the idea of using the secret of the greatest entrepreneurs in history.

So we decided to unite our individual minds for an Mastermind Alliance.

This was followed by three days in nature, brainstorming, walking, sea bathing and hiking on volcanoes.

Obviously completely disconnected from the outside world to experiment with the law of mastermind alliance and the result was surprising.

It was a real symposium, an occasion for mutual inspiration as was often the case in antiquity.

We were able to stimulate our individual minds as never before, experiencing a true metamorphosis as if there was the presence of another supreme mind that had developed from our harmonious cooperation.

alleanza di cervelli

It is a difficult concept to explain, but there is a quote from Napoleon Hill that can help you understand it better:

“No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.”

We were able to integrate our mental energies with the intelligence, experience, knowledge and spiritual power of each one of us and realised how effective and powerful this secret really is.

Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone were also known to go to the woods once a year for a period of rest, meditation and recuperation.

And this bond of harmony that had created an mastermind alliance was the true source of each one’s power.

You have to know that Henry Ford started his career from scratch: he was poor, illiterate and ignorant, but after about ten years he managed to overcome these disadvantages and after another fifteen years he was the richest man in America.

And his rapid successes came mainly from the period when he became friends with Thomas Edison.

In our first Mastermind Experience, not only did we generate a lot of quality ideas that would never have been generated in the office, but we realised that we were mutually acquiring each other’s experiences accumulated over the years through study, trial and error, with a considerable benefit and advantage of saving energy, resources, time and money.

After that Mastermind experience we continued to attend each other, we started to attend other Mastermind Groups to gain and exchange further knowledge to achieve success and others to avoid failure.

We are still continuing our process of personal and professional enrichment, knowing that we will never stop learning. The learning process lasts a lifetime!

Fortunate is the person who will learn to master the Law of Mastermind Alliance.

If you want to make full use of this law, you can read the book “THE POWER OF THE MASTERMIND GROUP”, and attend my mastermind events.

Such as my Mind Mastermind my Mind Inner Circle. They are comprehensive events that also address the topics of “Making Money” and Business Applied MentalSciences.

Let’s not hide behind a finger, economic wellbeing affects our mental wellbeing.

If you would also like to start on a path of personal growth, I am waiting for you!

Mastermind Groups can do wonders for you and your business. Think big. Broaden your horizons. When you’re surrounded by incredible people, you can do incredible things!