Photographic Memory


Photographic Memory: Basic and Advanced Memory Techniques to Improve Your Memory – Mnemonic Techniques and Strategies to Enhance Memorization

Paperback: 196 pages

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You grab a basket and walk through the sliding glass doors of the grocery store. As you enter, you realize that you can’t remember what you came to the store for. You know you need the basic groceries, such as bread and eggs, but there’s also one other item that you can’t recall. Not being able to remember that, of course, is frustrating. Instead of quickly picking up your groceries and going back home, you now have to walk down the isles until you remember what that may be. Then, you think to yourself,

“If I only had a better memory!”

Photographic Memory is the first of three books in theUpgrade Your Memory series. It aims to describe the basics of building your photographic memory and help you learn the strategies to have a better memory.

In this book, you will:
  • Get to know your memory
  • Realize the benefits of having a photographic memory
  • See how lifestyle changes can help you improve your memory
  • Understand what memory palace is and how it works
  • Know what your mind’s eye has to do with your memory
  • Figure out what mind mapping is
  • Learn how mnemonics help you improve your memory
  • Find basic and advanced memory-enhancing techniques
  • Find out how to remember names and numbers
  • Know how to continue to build your memory


This book is not only meant to become a beginner’s guide but also be seen as one of the most comprehensive books about improving your photographic memory. While most books in the market will look at either the basic or advanced techniques, Photographic Memory views every strategy out there. With this helpful information, you will not have to look to another book in order to learn how to improve your memory.

Moreover, this book will help you learn how to associate the things you need to remember into your memory with the objects around your home, office, or even car. After reading it, you will be able to remember your shopping list without having to write stuff down. For example, if you need to pick up lettuce, milk, bread, onions, and strawberries, you only have to tap into your memory palace to recall them. Alternatively, you may learn how to associate the lettuce with your television, milk with your lamp, bread with your couch, onions with your end table, strawberries with your recliner, and so on.

Your learning doesn’t stop with this book! You can continue to build your memory through my next two books in this series. The second one, Memory Training, focuses on brain training and memory games. The third book, Memory Improvement, concentrates on the healthy habits that you can install into your life in order to improve your memory further.

Order your copy now and start developing your PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY!