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Neurobics is a discipline that helps you keep your brain in shape. It helps you make new connections between neurons and this is important to improve the function of one’s brain.

What will you learn with this eBook?

You will learn a series of exercises that are very simple to implement and also fun to change the patterns that are fixed in your mind, training your brain to deal with new situations and thus make it more elastic in adapting to changes.

The Top 10 Benefits You'll Get:

  • Stimulating the production of neurotrophins

  • Making neural cells stronger and more resistant to ageing

  • Create new neural connections

  • Improve the efficiency of your synapses

  • Counteract cognitive decline

  • Improve memory and learning

  • Ignite creativity

  • Stimulate and strengthen the brain

  • Make the brain more elastic

  • Revitalise the mind


Don’t wait for your cognitive decline to take care of the most precious thing you have! Everything you are and do involves your brain. From thinking, to actions, from emotions to communicating with others. It becomes apparent then that if you want to improve your life, you need to upgrade your brain!


Dr. Edoardo Zeloni Magelli

Psychologist, Entrepreneur and Consultant. Edoardo Zeloni Magelli, born in Prato in 1984.

In 2010, soon after graduating in Psychology of Work and Organizations, he launched his first startup. As a Businessman he is CEO of Zeloni Corporation, a training company specialising in Business Applied Mental Sciences. His company is a reference point for anyone who wants to realize an idea or a project. As a scientist of the mind he is the father of Primordial Psychology and helps people to strengthen their minds in the shortest possible time. A music and sport-lover.


"A treasure trove of tips to keep your brain young and fit! Very easy to implement and best of all: They really work!!!"

lelio pesca
Lelio Pesca

"When I met Edoardo, I immediately understood that he was an extraordinary person with a concrete professional background, a futuristic vision that is ahead of its time and ways in the competitive arenas, also supported by a total abnegation towards an essential goal: SUCCESS IS NOT TO OVERCOME OTHERS BUT TO OVERCOME YOURSELF!"

luciano vunich
Luciano Vunich
Managers of Multinationals [Coin, Standa, Ideal Standard, Richard Ginori and Preca Brummel].