How To Make Money On Trading And Reprogram The Mind

how to make money on trading

How to make money on trading?

Today I want to reveal my 2 secrets to making money on trading.

I want to immediately start showing you the results I obtained in 2020 and in this first quarter of 2021.

As you can see on my video, I’m on my real wallet and not the virtual one. I’m on my real wallet.


As you can see in 2020 I made a nice 61.97%. I used a very aggressive strategy, I made a few mistakes too many but in the end I took home a nice 61.97%.

It’s not an extraordinary result because in this 2020 a lot could be done, I made mistakes, but in the end come on, it didn’t go badly.

Look today is April 4th, and in this first quarter of 2021 (3 monts and 4 days), I made a nice 7%.

Well, what are these secrets that have allowed me to achieve these results?

They are the same ones who can help you to be successful in investments but also in many other fields of your life.

1° Secrets: Programs Installed in the Mind

It would take hours to explain this, but I’ll try to make it brief:

I was programmed to have these results!Sono stato programmato per vincere! I was programmed to win!

Everything you are and what you do involves your mind, from thinking, to actions, from emotions, to communicating with others, to the results we get. Everything involves our mind.

So it is clear that if you want to improve your life, you must first start with your mind.

And it’s not just about mental reprogramming but it’s something much broader and more complete.

You must understand that the function of your mind is to transform your mental schemes into your Reality.

I repeat it would take hours to explain the functioning of the mind, so I invite you at the end of this video to watch my free masterclass, it’s a lesson that you can study completely for free, it is called:

“How to Reprogram the Mind to Obtain All the Results that Do you want, even if you are a beginner”-

I will show you the Exact Strategy I used to Reprogram My Mind, Retreat to the Beach under a Palm Tree to Live My Dream and Dedicate Myself to My Passions…

I have been programmed to have these results. I was programmed to win and I can even reprogram your mind to help you win!

I have reprogrammed my mind to get good investment results.

I was programmed to win and I can even reprogram your mind to help you win!

I want to open a little parenthesis for those who still do not know me, I state that those who know me personally, those who know me in person, really know that I am a very humble, modest and simple person,

But in this historical moment where there are too many guys and charlatans who profess to be the new gurus of mind and training, I would like to break a spear in my favor if you allow…

I have been studying the mind since 2003 and there are very few people in the world who can boast of success in very different areas, such as, fashion, tourism, events, music, seduction, sports, investments and other sectors that I don’t talk about much…

But believe me, few people in the world have had so many results in different sectors.

So if there is one person who has the big picture, and who can really reprogram your mind to improve every area of ​​your life, that person is me!

But now let’s move on to the 2nd secret!

2° Secrets: A Simple and Easy Method to Apply

Yes, because what I use is really a very simple and easy method to apply, I’m only behind it for a couple of hours per week and is within everyone’s reach! Really everyone!

This method I am talking about can be found as a gift with my course “LIFE POSITIONING – Find your place in the world and thrive” is a course that teaches you to find your place in the world and thrive and as a bonus I wanted to include lessons on investments.

I deal with Mental Empowerment, but mental wellbeing also comes from economic wellbeing, so my scientific protocol which is really a very complete and powerful path, could not fail to deal with this very important issue, that of making your investments pay off.

Because when your investments are good, your life also improves.

The method that I teach you obviously also takes advantage of the copy trading system that the eToro platform offers, but beware, not all eToro members earn using the copy trading system, indeed, there are many people who lose a lot of money and who have not understood how to make money on trading.

So I’m going to teach you exactly my method of getting my results, but I’m sure you can do even better than me.

So, I advise you to become my student to stop missing these opportunities and now I want to show you just a second what you may have missed by not following my advice:

I started blogging about cryptocurrencies in October 2017, I had advised to invest in bitcoin when 1 bitcoin was worth $6000.

Those who listened to me today found themselves a great investment. Today 1 bitcoin is worth almost $60,000.

If you had trusted me to invest in bitcoin when 1 was worth $6000, and you had put €10,000 into it you would have €100,000 today. If you had invested €1000 you now have €10,000, if €100 you now have €1,000.

But there have been many other cryptocurrencies that have grown a lot. So many!

And still today there are many great opportunities.

I want to end this video with a few questions:

  • Do you want to continue to miss opportunities or do you want to start taking advantage of them?
  • Do you want to stand still and watch the others win, or do you decide today to start winning too?

I recommend that you study my masterclass now to reprogram the mind, it’s 100% free, and to become my student.

Believe me, there will be people who will eat their hands for missing out on the many opportunities that still exist today. There are tons of opportunities!

The fact is that, there are those who have the courage to take them, to make a choice today, and there are those who will watch, will be burned with regrets and will be excluded from these opportunities.

There will be those who will be excluded and will see others win while he is not winning (and not just how to make money on trading! There is much more!).

So I renew my invitation: Sign up for my Masterclass, it’s 100% free, I teach you to reprogram your mind to get the results you want, even if you are a beginner, even if you start from scratch and you don’t know anything about how the mind works.

I am the right person to help you. Sign up for the Masterclass and believe me, I will help you improve every area of ​​your life!