Bathing in the sea is one of my favorite activities. Why?

Because in addition to being pleasant, the swim in the sea offers you great and multiple benefits. By now science has confirmed that the sea also helps depressive states and is a powerful natural medicine.

If you have the patience to read this short article, you will discover the secrets behind a simple swim in the sea.

Since our life has manifested we have been connected to water. Our body is composed of about 75% of water, and is the fundamental element for the proper functioning of our organs.

Near the water your brain is stimulated and releases chemicals related to happiness, such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin.

Think about it, is not it true that only the sea view makes you happier?

The truth is that it stimulates you to reconnect with fun and what really thrills you in life.

Then the water in addition to being necessary for human survival also has an extraordinary power.

If only the sea view makes you feel better, let alone make a bath!

First of all, diving into water brings you back to your natural state, renews your cells and puts you in a good mood.

Water has the great power to rejuvenate the mind, makes you feel more alert and focused.

The massage of the water reactivates the circulation, the salt of the sea frees the airways and reduces the allergic forms.

Absorb substances contained in sea water, absorb trace elements and salts that restore your organic balance.

Thanks to the concentration of mineral salts of water, through osmosis eliminate excess fluids through the skin, water retention is reduced, blood circulation is reactivated.

It also improves the circulatory system and metabolism.

As you’ve noticed, your body benefits from it. It becomes stronger and more resistant to external aggressions, reinforces the immune system, strengthens the bones, removes muscle and joint pains.

Do not just bathing in the sea, take a short swim!

Swimming in the sea is a panacea for the body. Relax the muscles, remove stress, dissolve accumulated contractures and improve muscle tone. The body appears drier, the metabolism works great and recovers the energy lost during the year.

Naturally, you also benefit from sea air that contains mineral salts such as sodium and magnesium chloride, iodine, calcium, potassium, bromine and silicon that improve breathing for the benefit of the lungs.

Now you’re ready for bathing in the sea? 😉

bathing in the sea

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