Mental Health

Beware of Mental Reprogramming Courses!

mental reprogramming courses

ATTENTION TO MENTAL REPROGRAMMING COURSES! They don’t know what the mind is like!!! We must be very careful with any training course that concerns the mind (especially mental reprogramming courses). Why? What’s the problem? The problem is that universities, mental health professionals, coaches and trainers still don’t understand what the mind is like. I open …

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Stop and Smell the Roses

stop and smell the roses

Why go back to smelling the roses? Stop and Smell the Roses We have all heard the expression that we sometimes need to “stop and smell the roses.” This means that you are moving too fast in life and not enjoying some of its best features.   Perhaps you aren’t spending quality time with your …

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New Definition of Emotional Intelligence and Relationship with the Mind

emotional intelligence

Why do we need a new definition of Emotional Intelligence? Emotional intelligence is an aspect of intelligence and there are many definitions that relate to the ability to recognize, use, understand and consciously manage one’s own emotions and those of others. I disagree, though. We are not robots that can control and manage our emotions, …

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Smart Mastermind

smart mastermind

Smart Mastermind: Smart Mastermind & Remote Working – Psychology of Work and Organizations for Virtual Teams, Collaborative Networks and Mastermind Groups Smart Mastermind is a captivating instructional guide on how to navigate ways of working in this technological age. While smart and remote working are not new concepts, they are now defining the very way …

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The Secret of Happiness

secret of happiness

What is the secret of happiness? The secret of happiness should be taught in schools. There are too many people that I hear saying: “I need this to be happy”, “When I have this then I will be happy”, “When this happens then I will be happy”. The truth is that these people will never …

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