Stop and Smell the Roses

stop and smell the roses

Why go back to smelling the roses? Stop and Smell the Roses We have all heard the expression that we sometimes need to “stop and smell the roses.” This means that you are moving too fast in life and not enjoying some of its best features.   Perhaps you aren’t spending quality time with your […]

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Recharge Yourself In Nature

recharge yourself in nature

Recharge yourself in nature offers multiple benefits. Let us first understand why it is so important stay in the middle of nature, let’s take a step back and go back to our origins. We were born in the middle of nature, not in skyscrapers. Nature is our true home. We are born to live in

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Introduction to Meditation

Introduction to Meditation

Welcome to this little introduction to meditation. This ancient and universal practice is essential to increase its performance under all levels, both mental and physical. Now many studies have confirmed how this inner process reassumes the capacities of the brain at various levels to bring you to a feeling of great balance and well-being. Where to start?

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The Secret of Sea Bathing

sea bathing

Sea Bathing is really a panacea… and is one of my favorite activities. As you know I deal with mental empowerment, but why do I pay so much attention to physical empowerment as well? Because mind and body are in constant communication with each other… The mind is not limited within our brain, but it

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