Stop and Smell the Roses

stop and smell the roses

Why go back to smelling the roses?

Stop and Smell the Roses

We have all heard the expression that we sometimes need to “stop and smell the roses.”

This means that you are moving too fast in life and not enjoying some of its best features.


Perhaps you aren’t spending quality time with your family, you don’t allow yourself to take in the beauty of nature, or you don’t stop and look at your surroundings.

Whatever the case is, you want to take the time to observe what is around you randomly throughout your day to be able to cherish what you have.

Many busy people who struggle with handling their stress find this to be one of the best ways to recognize how blessed they are.

When they start to feel overwhelmed, they will stop what they are doing whenever possible and check out their environment.

They will notice the people around them, what they are doing, as well as how their voices sound.

They will see the bugs on the flowers or the birds flying in the sky.

You don’t need to observe your surroundings for a long period of time; you just have to make sure that you have at least a few minutes to observe where you are and what is going on around you.

Not only will this boost your observation skills, but it will also help you connect to the world.

Part of enhancing your photographic memory is learning as much as you can so that you can associate certain items to the things you need to remember.

The more knowledge you hold, the easier association becomes for you.

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