What's happening to the world of finance?

The world of finance trembles before the new global phenomenon: "The Cryptocurrencies". They are independent digital currencies, everyone talks about it but there is still too much confusion. Cryptocurrencies are reinventing finance, they are fast, dynamic, anonymous and above all decentralized (not controlled by anyone).

New digital currencies allow secure online payments, can be used as a trading tool and pay for goods and services, making it a real alternative to central bank currencies. This is a phenomenon that can revolutionize the world of finance forever and beyond.

The first decentralized and the most famous digital currency is BITCOIN and I suggest you watch this short 96 second video to get an overview of the creation, security and exchange of this cryptocurrency.

The benefits of Bitcoin

  • They are transferred from person to person without going through a bank or clearing house (therefore less commissions)
  • You can use them all over the world (more and more companies accept bitcoin payments)
  • Your account can not be blocked and has no management costs
  • There are no prerequisites or arbitrary limitations
  • There are no costs in using them
  • There are no starlings
  • It can not have inflation
  • It is released from any control
  • You do not need personal information to make payments
  • The value of Bitcoins will grow over time

It is as if the inhabitants of a small village decide to adopt a new currency exchangeable only among their inhabitants. These inhabitants today are a community of a virtual world village.

This decentralized electronic money is already present and future. A currency that citizens can exchange directly, in a transparent, secure manner, and that no Government can ever control or eliminate.

Everything is based on a disruptive technology: the blockchain.

“I do think Bitcoin is the first (encrypted money) that has the potential to do something like change the world” Peter Thiel – Co-founder, Paypal

Why do banks want it to sink?

Banks are trembling and they know they can be overwhelmed by this change, they are taking time to publicly discredit the phenomenon with high-sounding declarations to discourage its spread and propagation, while in the meantime they study countermoves to adapt to this new technology.

This video from Marco Montemagno may be useful:

“The goal is not to occupy Wall Street, the goal is not to occupy finance, the goal this time is to reinvent the Finance.” Marco Montemagno

How much is a Bitcoin worth?


Value increases or decreases depending on supply and demand. In December 2014, a Bitcoin was worth $ 325. On 6 September 2017 it was worth $ 4,500. Bitcoins can not be “mined” (referring to gold mines), that is, generated eternally, Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin has set the maximum limit of 21 million, then like all the goods of scarce availability the value of bitcoin it is destined to increase over time.

Unless you are a little awkward and unreceptive person, you will have already understood the importance of starting now to buy or to earn cryptocurrencies. What you need to do to build your future are 3 simple steps:


Earning bitcoins is an opportunity and to start this adventure in the era of new finance and you can open an account quickly and at zero expense on BLOCKCHAIN

Your online account / wallet will have an address similar to this: “3GLr9Dh2wtkLPaIElDZoqjkspS5Oz9Rpal”. Once you have opened an account you can start to receive and send your payments in bitcoins.

Immediately afterwards you have to open another WALLET (online wallet) that you must have absolutely: QOINPRO

Every day you will be credited with cents of BitCoin, LiteCoin, FeatherCoin, FedoraCoin, InfiniteCoin, DogeCoin, DigitalCoin, Virtacoin, PeerCoin, Dash, etc.. With this wallet you can centrally control your digital currencies.


To buy your first cryptocurrencies you can subscribe to one of the most reliable and important exchanger: COINBASE 

By subscribing to this link you will be entitled to a bonus. You will see a message like: “Thanks to Coinbase you can send bitcoins to Edoardo Zeloni Magelli or to anyone else in the world. Since you were introduced by Edoardo Zeloni Magelli, if you sign up and buy or sell at least $ 100 in bitcoins, you will both receive $ 10 in free bitcoins!”

Another highly recommended site to send, exchange and receive money and cryptocurrency is the very popular PAYEER



The most famous and recommended site to start earning free bitcoins right away is FREEBITCOIN which offers you multiple opportunities, such as:

  • To participate in the weekly lottery
  • Participate in the instant lottery
  • Receive satoshi (bitcoin measurement unit) every hour
  • Multiply your coins with HI-LO game
  • Deposit with the annuity of 4.08%


Another quick and easy method is to sign up on CryptoTab where you can take advantage of Google Chrome to earn Bitcoins.

crypto tab

Are there any other ways to earn bitcoins for free? But above all because they are given to us?

If you want to find out how earn bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies free and understand why there are these opportunities then do not miss this article:

Earn Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies Free!

Other ways to make money online?

I like to make money with trading 😉