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luciano vunich

Luciano Vunich

Managers of Multinationals [Coin, Standa, Ideal Standard, Richard Ginori and Preca Brummel]

When I met Edoardo, I immediately understood that he was an extraordinary person with a concrete professional preparation, a futuristic vision that anticipates times and ways in the competitive arenas, supported, moreover, by a total abnegation towards an unavoidable goal: SUCCESS IS NOT TO OVERCOME OTHERS BUT TO OVERCOME YOURSELF! I highly recommend his business and mind courses!

mastermind events

Nora Sophie Nicolaus

Persuasive Content Creator

The one with Edoardo was undoubtedly one of the most important meetings of my life. Through his Primordial Psychology I have embarked on a path of personal growth that has allowed me to bring out the best in myself, taking care of and building my personality without neglecting anything: I am a marketer, but also a mother, a sportswoman, a lover of politics and current affairs, and many other things.

angelo maria riccardo venditti

Angelo Maria Riccardo Venditti

Business Angel

A eclectic professional with faces as fascinating as they are complex. Good and evil combined in a perfect balance that make him a serene adventurer of the worlds of knowledge. From the autonomous and individual research of the facts of consciousness are revealed externally brilliant ideas point of arrival of a journey that will never end, hinge and discernment of an existential axiom oxymoronic. My renewed congratulations and may the journey continue with the same curiosity and serenity of mind.