Masks and Oxygen: Are Doctors Less Informed?

masks and oxygen

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I believe that today’s video is very important and I hope you look at it all the way, I would keep to clarify once and for all the use of masks.

I would like to say that no one has the truth in his pocket, no one has the truth in his pocket.

However, I am free to express my thoughts, and as always I will try to never disrespect anyone.

Do we always have to believe doctors? Being a doctor is no guarantee of preparation.


I would like to start briefly by telling you a story. The story of the weight-throwing athlete Adriane Wilson.

She was training for the Olympics but at some point she had to undergo chemotherapy. And the chemo specialist, the oncologist, told her that she could consider herself lucky if she could walk, not think about the Olympics…

Who is the oncologist? The oncologist is the specialist in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. So he should be the most experienced figure in this matter.

Adriane’s coach sent her to a certain Charles Poliquin, a truly extraordinary athletic trainer, highly cited in numerous scientific journals, he trained Olympic athletes of different disciplines and led him to win several medals.

Charles Poliquin was not a doctor, but a highly trained person, an independent studious and researcher. He woke up every morning when he woke up to study and consult scientific research.

And that’s what I have been doing, I have been studying the mind since 2003, and in the last 4 years I have intensified my studies, since October 2016 I do something as soon as I wake up in the morning: I dedicate my first 4 hours of the day to writing and study. This is just to introduce myself to those who still don’t know me.

Returning to Charles Poliquin, he subjected the athlete Adriane Wilson to his own protocol. What did this protocol consist of? She did chemo and the next day she trained. And she underwent this protocol for only 5 days.

The doctor calls Charles Poliquin very irritated and says to him:

“But what are you doing? Before she recovered in 10 days and now she recovered in 1 day, but what did you give her?”

Charles gave him dosages of 80% DHA fish oil, the amino acid taurine, pure green tea extract which are all nutrients that promote intercellular communication and it is very important, obviously these nutrients were of the highest quality, because there are many on the market, but not all of them are as effective.

The doctor claimed that there was no scientific evidence and that it was incorrect. Then Charles says, “If I send you 60 searches for each ingredient, do you believe me?” and he “Impossible, no, no, does not exist!”

Charles Poliquin sends him the searches and the next day the doctor calls him back very sorry “I’m sorry, I didn’t know it, I wasn’t aware of these searches”.

Do you think the doctor is now administering Charles’s protocol to his patients. So beware, he wasn’t a bad faith doctor, only he wasn’t aware of this research.

Back to our athlete, she only weighed 80kg and her colleagues 140kg. Just think that at the inclined bench she lifted 140Kg, so she was a very strong woman. How did it go in the end? She didn’t come first, but she came fifth. From passing to not even walking to qualify for the Olympics, well, I’d say there’s a big difference.

Think, think!!! How can a coach, an athletic trainer, be more prepared than a specialized doctor, who lives and breathes that job all day long. That is, he is the most prepared specialist for that matter!

This story must make us really, really think about it. But really a lot! But really a lot!

I believe that everyone, who works in the field of science and medicine, serves everyone a good bath of humility. Including me, everyone needs a nice bath of humility.

But this why? Because being a doctor is no guarantee of preparation. Or, relying on science is no guarantee of truth. Our oncologist of real history has relied on science, on his scientific knowledge, but they have been misled. Science can be misled tomorrow when the new Galileo Galilei arrives and questions it, turns it upside down.

So there are no know-all doctors, no one has the truth in their pockets, they need a nice bath of humility and discussing different ideas of thought. You see, confrontation enriches, improves professions, which is why I always speak of Mastermind Groups. Independent researchers should join Mastermind Groups with specialized doctors, thus promoting the exchange of knowledge.

It is not a race for those who are right and those who are wrong. Guys, the goal is to save lives, to do good. But there is no collaboration.

I have been promoting the concept of Mastermind Groups for years, but it is not understood, I certainly wasn’t good at explaining it. The solutions are there to solve many problems, but you have to be ready to collaborate.

Now I would like to return to the question of masks, because the video is not finished now we get to the heart of the matter.

Before proceeding I would like to thank, very warmly, the many who shared my videos, who commented, you made some very nice comments. I thank you very much and they made me very happy.

Someone, but a small minority was also a little rude, but it’s part of the game, there is no problem.

Well, now let’s go over this discussion of the use of masks. Why, always in my humble opinion they are harmful to health and right now they are useless.

In the video in question I told you about the poor supply of oxygen to our cells due to the mask, which also makes us breathe a lot of carbon dioxide which is the waste of our body. I told you about hypercapnia, I also told you that the increase in acidity in our body increases the probability of contracting tumors, and I would now like to tell you about the Nobel Prize in Medicine: the German scientist Otto Heinrich Warburg.

In 1931 Otto Heinrich Warburg received the Nobel prize for discovering the primary cause of cancer.

Lack of oxygen creates an acidic environment. The acidic environment creates cancer.

Research tells us that acidity and oxygen are two sides of the same coin. If one has one, it has the other.

So in the video in question, I don’t seem to have said anything so revolutionary. This research was done in 1923. And this research then led to the Nobel Prize in 1931. That was almost 100 years ago. Almost 100 years have passed.

Then did you listen to the testimonies of those people who work all day with the mask and then come home with a huge headache and a severe migraine they never had in their lives? It seems to me that these are totally undeniable facts.

Up to now we have talked about the harmfulness and dangerousness of the masks. But are masks useful? Are they protecting us from the virus right now?

The prorector Alberto Zangrillo director of intensive care at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan tells us that the virus has died clinically.

This is what a study done by the virologist and director of the Institute of Virology, Professor Clementi says. Swabs performed in the last 10 days told us, they have an almost non-existent viral load compared to the patients of the last few months. The virus no longer exists clinically and died.

What did the Israeli scientist Isaac Ben-Israel say to us in mid-April, according to mathematical calculations of epidemic cycles? That the virus would disappear after 70 days. And so it is in all parts of the world. All parts of the world are confirming this. So I ask myself, what sense does it make today, now, to wear the mask?

I tell you because I keep seeing people running, doing physical activity with a mask. But there is nothing more harmful.

I see people sitting by the sea, on a bench, alone, with no one around, looking at the sea with a mask. I would like to put an end to all this, there are truly people who are putting their health at risk. I repeat, this is my opinion. I hope today to have been more exhaustive.

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