Will the Mandatory Medical Treatment lock up the new Galileo Galilei?

mandatory medical treatment

Will the Mandatory Medical Treatment lock up the new Galileo Galilei?

What is it? How does Mandatory Medical Treatment work?

This procedure allows the forced hospitalization of a person if he/she constitutes a danger to himself/herself or to the society if he/she constitutes a danger to himself/herself or to the company and takes place without the notice of the person concerned and takes place without the notice of the person concerned.

A doctor in the National Health Service can propose this treatment, after which a validation by the psychiatrist is required, following this approval the mayor may issue the measure.


Maybe the subject refuses treatment and Mandatory Medical Treatmentis issued to protect public health.

This video is not to criticize this law because in many cases it is really useful.

I always by virtue of freedom of expression and thought, I want to tell you a story and I hope it will make you think…

Let’s say that there is a boy named Galielo Galiei, and he discovers that it is not the Sun that turns around the Earth, but it is the Earth that revolves around the Sun.

Then start telling it to family members, start telling it to friends and acquaintances too, but that people look at him badly and start saying: “But he’s is crazy!”

“Galileo, everyone knows that it’s the opposite, science is affirming this…”

Then he gets laughed at at at school, he gets teased, they’re tripping him s at sports training, he does a lot of bullying.

Then he, feeling misunderstood and even with a bit of frustration, totally understandable, begins to raise his voice a little to try to explain his reasons.

But that it suffers the opposite effect, they scream even more at him. And they start screaming: “But you are a madman, you are a madman, perhaps you are a danger to society”.

And then he gets even more angry, because it is a society that unconditionally criticizes the other without listening, it is a society devoid of tolerance, of respect, for those who have different ideas… It is a society that condemns those who do not conform…

The poor Galileo Galilei has reached the limit, he can’t take it anymore. One day he is so angry that he reacts energetically to insults.

Put yourself in his shoes… What would you do? You wouldn’t lose your patience? Wouldn’t you get a little angry? Everybody has a day when one loses patience and reacts vigorously to insults.

Then the doctor proposes the Mandatory Medical Treatment, and says to him: “Mr. Galielo Galilei, but you are a fool! That is, do you think that there are economic interests behind the apocalypse virus? You must be hospitalized!”

And then our hero, our young Galileo also begins to say other things, like:

“But what do I do with the public debt? I didn’t do it, why do I have to pay it?”

Then the psychiatrist also agrees with the Mandatory Medical Treatment.

He says:

“Mr. Galileo Galiei, you are affirming strange and bizarre things, that it is the Earth that turns around the Sun and not the other way around, but science is affirming that it is the Sun that turns around the Earth.

Who are you Galileo Galilei to go against science? Who are you to question the authority of the great economists? Who are you Mr. Galileo Galilei? ”

“You are a danger to society, we do something, we intern you for a week without your consent, we put a nice microchip under your skin, we instill some substance of undoubted scientific validity to weaken your mental faculties, and even a little nanotechnology particles to monitor your health.

Let’s do one thing too, we put a nice 5G antenna in your city, so if you don’t conform to the flock, we turn it off! ”


This is a story of pure fantasy, purely invented to reflect on some themes…

My question for you is: in this not too distant future, I would say around the corner, will there be room for the new Galileo Galilei?

Will there be room for people with different thoughts who do not want to conform to the flock? Courageous people who are able to say that it is the earth that revolves around the sun and not the other way around? People who have the courage to question current science because there can be no absolute truth, but more truth.

Maybe two different ways of thinking can be equally valid and correct. There is no absolute truth or absolute reality.

How do we want to welcome these brave people who have a different thought from the crowd?

We begin to respect the ideas of others first.

We also start from social networks, sometimes I see too many violent and energetic comments. We also start to respect people who think differently from us.

This must be the first step. If we want to improve society, we begin in our small way to begin listening to those who think differently from us. We must be open to dialogue and comparison.

There are too many people worried about the future. I with this video would like to instill a little optimism and I would like to give you a lot, a lot, a lot of hope…

1. No man No man can consider himself defeated as long as he remains in control of his mind! And in this Primordial Psychology comes to our aid.

2. Let’s say that there is an a mastermind alliance is plotting bad things. Well, it can be contrasted with others mastermind alliances that want to do nice things. And this is where we have to be good at harnessing the power of Mastermind Groups. I’ve been talking about it for years and I don’t understand why they are so underestimated.

Now, history teaches us that the most difficult moments are often an occasion for great change.

I have a question for you and I would like to exchange some points of view. Let me know what you think.

Do you think it’s time to go back to the City-States? Do you think we should go back to the City-States? So autonomous and independent cities able to govern themselves?

Let me know what you think. That is, cities, for example, where a city is free to decide: We don’t want 5G antennas, we don’t want this, we don’t want this other.

There cannot be an absolute and unique truth for everyone. Maybe there can be multiple realities, each with its own rules. Perhaps it is better to submit to a global reality than to a global truth?

Maybe it is better to have many small communities each with its own cultural identity?

I would take so much to know your opinion. Let me know in the comments.

As I said in a previous video I am going to put on my television broadcast where I will interview some international scientist friends, we will clarify many topics, and we will touch on the themes that I have mentioned a little: Primordial Psychology and Mastermind Groups, which are at I think the only two tools that can empower our minds.

As long as we remain in control of our minds, no man can be considered defeated!

Take advantage of the free mind resources that I have made available.

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