Hemispheric Integration with Blues Fingerpicking

hemispheric integration

Dear Friends, today we will see a very special hemispheric integration exercise.

The exercise you will see in this video is really a great hemispheric integration exercise, especially for those who love blues fingerpicking.


This particular technique called fingerstyle or fingerpicking is a technique that allows you to integrate the actions of both hands while playing.

In fingerpicking every single finger becomes a potential pick and this allows us to make the most of the polyphonic potential of our guitar.

It is as if we have the right hand split in two, the thumb of the right hand is used to pinch the bass and provide rhythmic support, it is as if it imitates the left hand of the pianist by placing the accents and playing the low parts of the piano instead of the other fingers of the right hand play the melody and chords, play the role of the pianist’s right hand.

As Stefan Grossman says:

“Where ragtime pianists play with two hands, we guitarists play with three”.

Keep calm my pianist friends, I also like playing the piano!

But Blues Fingerpicking is a great hemispheric integration exercise, it helps us to balance the hemispheres of our brain.

As you already know, the two hemispheres handle different types of information, are specialized in different tasks and have different prerogatives.

But why is it important to do exercises to integrate the two hemispheres?

Because usually people tend to exploit more the hemisphere of logic and rational thinking and lose contact with their most creative and emotional part.

Maintaining and finding the right balance between the two hemispheres is important, because when the two halves of the brain do not work together in a coordinated way, the quality of communication between the various areas of the hemispheres, get worse and you may experience mental fatigue, you may have difficulty concentrating and have learning and memory difficulties.

The hemispheric integration exercises favor a better communication between the two cerebral hemispheres and this amplifies the synergy between the logical and rational part, and the creative and emotional part of the brain.

Also balancing the two hemispheres helps you to perceive a more integrated reality.

You will be able to interpret stimuli from the external environment more fully and your stress response will be more efficient.

When the two hemispheres communicate better with each other, their qualities and characteristics are amplified, your potential is optimized and you can perform better.

Are there other exercises to do besides hemispheric integration to improve the performance of your brain?

Certainly yes, for example neurobic exercises. But what is Neurobics?

Neurobics is the fusion of the words ‘neurons” and ”aerobic” and is a discipline that helps you keep your brain fit.

It helps you make new connections between neurons and this is important for improving the functions of your brain.

I have created an ebook that you can download for free, it’s called: “Neurobics and Neurobic Exercises” and you will find exercises that will help you to keep your brain young and fit.

Don’t make me preach in the desert!

There are people who act too late, why wait for own cognitive deterioration to take care of the most important organ we have: our brain!

Don’t wait for your cognitive decline!

If you want to download it I will be very happy, but it will surely please you too when you see that they are very simple exercises, easy to implement and that really work.

After 2-3 months you will really notice a big difference and improve your performance.

Also take advantage of the free mind resources.

See you in the next post!