Do you want to go to the psychologist?

If you are thinking of going to the psychologist this is the right article for you. But first let me introduce myself, I’m Dr. Edoardo Zeloni Magelli and I help people to re-embrace their true life through Primordial Psychology, to bring harmony back into the world.

What does it mean to re-embrace one’s own life? Ask yourself a question, In this moment of your life, are you working on your success or that of other people?

Maybe you’re just living another person’s life. This is the cause of all your problems.

When we are born, we are really us, the real ones, the original ones, aligned to the original version of ourselves, we are born with the original mind clean and empty.

But then we begin to receive messages from outside that alter our true essence.

From the beginning you have been conditioned, they taught you what you had to do and what you did not have to do, they told you what was good and what was bad, they told you that those things were good and those were bad.

These conditioning, they are fixed in the center of your intelligence and continue to incite you on what to do and what not to do.

I would like you to begin to understand that these are all messages from other people, they are not your messages and you are not living according to your true nature. I would like you to notice, that without realizing it you found yourself living a life governed by rules that you did not choose.

Of course now I can not know what you’re feeling and what you’re thinking but I’m sure you’d like to start living your true life according to your rules and nature.

You must reappropriate your original mind, reconnect with the most primitive part of yourself and realign yourself to the original version of yourself to return to live your true life

It does not matter who you are and where you are now. The principle that I teach to come back to live one’s life is based on the recognition of the fact that practically no one fully exploits the abilities of one’s brain, nobody takes full advantage of the immense power of our inner world, and nobody fully exploits the activities, relationships, resources of the outer world.

This is why I have developed a protocol with advanced methods, powerful strategies, and new ways of thinking and acting, to increase your ability to achieve personal and professional goals and to raise your performances to extraordinary levels.

You do not need to go to the psychologist, you can help yourself with my books and video courses. Start investing in yourself. The psychologist can only show you the way, then you must be the one to follow it. Go to the psychologist will not help you if you’re not ready to take action.

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