Before telling you how you can earn free bitcoins online and other cryptocurrencies, I want to start this article by telling you a story. It was the year 2010 when the first purchase of a physical asset took place with the BITCOIN digital currency. A “laszlo” (a user of the forum) came to mind to offer 10,000 bitcoins to anyone who delivered 2 pizzas to their home. There was a user who accepted and with a charge of 30 $ (pizzas + including tip) satisfied him. Those 10,000 bitcoins today are worth around 50 million euros.

Did I get your attention now?

n September 2014, a bitcoin was worth $ 325, now (October 2017) a bitcoin worth about $ 5000. The beauty is that the prediction is that a bitcoin will come to be worth about € 200,000.

Bitcoins can not be “mined” (reference to gold mines) forever, Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin has set the maximum limit of 21 million, so as all the goods of scarce availability the bitcoin will increase in value over time, just like gold.

Of course, now you understand the opportunity to start investing or earning free bitcoins right away.

The beauty is that there are not only bitcoins, there are many other cryptocurrencies that today are worth as the bitcoin when it was the beginning.

If you want to know more, you can read the article “Reinventing Finance with Cryptocurrencies“, If you already know what we are talking about and you are ready to earn your first bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, continue reading.


It’s very simple! Some active members of the communities of cryptocurrencies, have decided to adopt tools to spread the interest and use of digital currencies and thus increase their popularity and consequently their value. It’s a way to educate people about using cryptocurrencies.

Now you have 2 possibilities:

  • Watching others earn and continue to complain about a crisis that does not exist (You’ve got it right! The Crisis does not exist! Have you noticed that 80% of new millionaires are new generation, that is, they started from 0? would have done if there had been the crisis? You are in crisis only if you continue to play with the old rules, so the fault is only yours)
  • Start riding one of the many opportunities of this wonderful era by learning about the new rules of the game

If you choose the second option then you are ready to make money online! Now the party start!


Let’s cut it short, time is money. The first thing you need to do is sign up immediately on QOINPRO

QoinPro is a multi-currency online wallet that aims to promote adoption by offering its users free coins every 24 hours and allowing its users to centrally store and control their digital currencies. After registering every day you will be credited with cents of BitCoin, LiteCoin, FeatherCoin, FedoraCoin, InfiniteCoin, DogeCoin, DigitalCoin, Virtacoin, PeerCoin, Dash, etc.., and you will level up inviting your friends to do the same.


The second thing you need to do is sign up for FREEBITCOIN, is the most famous and most recommended site that offers you multiple opportunities for earning, such as:

  • To participate in the weekly lottery
  • Participate in the instant lottery
  • Receive satoshi (bitcoin measurement unit) every hour
  • Multiply your coins with HI-LO game
  • Deposit with the annuity of 4.08%
  • Mining Bitcoin with Browser


DogeCoin is another cryptocurrency to keep in consideration destined to grow over time. To start earning this crypto right away you have to sign up on FREEDOGECOIN and you can:

  • To participate in the weekly lottery
  • Receive DogeCoin every hour
  • Multiply your coins with HI-LO game

To subscribe and collect your earnings you will need the address of a Wallet of DogeCoin

Your online account/wallet will have an address similar to this: “KPfRPI6isp4hNCneBtRCeE1jvTGcRcR” .

You can use the QOINPRO multi-currency wallet that I recommended above.

Simply go to “Wallet” then “Receive Addresses”, select the “DogeCoin” coin and then “Generate”.

QOINPRO will generate your address to subscribe and especially to collect your DogeCoin


Another way to earn bitcoins online for free is through advertising views, and you can start earning money by signing up for: Banner
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With CryptoTab you have the opportunity to earn bitcoins while using the Google Chrome browser and you can start immediately by clicking below:


If you want to have more earning opportunities with cryptocurrency mining then I suggest you read this article:

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Other ways to make money online?

I like to make money with trading 😉