group dynamics

The Group Dynamics of Cross Crossing by Zeloni Magelli

Group Dynamics that fosters Knowledge in the Masterminds

This Group Dynamics advanced for the dissemination and management of knowledge is a geometry that has constants to promote the acquisition of value and experience during the activities of Mastermind.

The evolved technique of Group Dynamics of Cross Crossing is used in Mastermind Groups with many participants to promote a correct osmosis of knowledge among the various members.

This is the technique that is used in the world event Simpocean, the Annual Summit of the Mastermind Groups, where the members of The 50 List are put into smaller groups to beginning of several separate meetings to take advantage of the benefits  of a Masterminds  Group of 4-8 participants.

Geometry closes with the crystallization of skills in a global dynamic that affects all participants.

group dynamics

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stimulation variation

Zeloni Magelli's Continuous Stimulation Variation

The Continuous Stimulation Variation is a theory that I began to elaborate during my university studies in psychology.

The Continuous Stimulation Variation is a science to change one’s own behavior and mental processes to be more effective and efficient.

It all began by studying the experimental research program of Elton Mayo and Fritz J. Roethlisberge (1924), which they started at the Western Electric Company in Hawthorne (Chicago).

The two sociologists were investigating the possible relationship between worker productivity and the work environment.

They had conducted a series of experiments to ascertain the degree of connection between lighting and performance.

The surveys based on the level of productivity achieved in the different lighting conditions (stimulation variation) had confirmed a positive correlation between the two variables productivity and lighting.

The stimulation variation caused a global improvement in the performance of workers and therefore an increase in productivity of the entire plant

But the research had also highlighted some latent psychological factors that conditioned the manifest behavior of the workers.

Workers who knew they were being observed carried out a more efficient behavior, therefore the experiments themselves had contributed to the improvement of the work performance and to the productivity of the factory.

stimulation variation

These research, together with other psychology theories, gave life to what is today the Zeloni Magelli’s Continuous Stimulation Variation

A science to change and influence one’s own behavior and mental processes to become more effective and efficient in every field of one’s life.

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theory of reality

The Theory of Reality by Edoardo Zeloni Magelli

The Theory of Reality

In front of the amount and the complexity of information we are confronted with, we tend to reduce our cognitive effort and we use shortcuts that lead us to an approximate and distorted perception of reality.

The Theory of Reality by Zeloni Magelli states:

“Man cannot know reality. Reality is too complicated to survive in it without simplifying and tidying it, this process involves losing data.

This loss of data causes a distorted reality that is different from the original one.”

Each of us have our beliefs and even in front of the evidence that we are wrong we tend to deceive ourselves by better remembering information in line with our beliefs and forgetting the information that does not confirm them.

Reality therefore becomes our deception, a reality made up of cognitive consonances that previously were dissonances.

The wrong perception of reality obviously compromises the reliability of a teacher ‘s judgment on the advancement of a student and this affects the school – economy – work system, triggering a dangerous chain reaction.

Despite everything, this is not a “pessimistic” theory, because in fact it is not so important to know how things really are and to know the reality, the goal of every man is to succeed, trying to achieve happiness and make his own dreams come true.

«Some people will get very angry if we were not able to give a fair judgment, I belonged to that group of people, but I changed my mind. »Dr. Edoardo Zeloni Magelli

Lucky will be those people who will understand the true meaning of this theory.

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theory of reality