history of the logo

History of Double Excess Logo - From the Band to the Brand

Here is the history of logo of “Silhouette with Red Panties”!

I played in the band I had founded, the Double Deuce, but it needed a change of name to make a change and create a more serious project.

In fact, our name was already registered, there were many bands, many clubs that were called that way. (Double Deuce was the local of the movie: Road House)

One evening I had a song by Kid Rock, Roll on, his words resonated in my head and I focused on a phrase “Money and Success” but listening to it superficially I understood “Money in Excess”.

I liked a lot the sound of the word Excess, then since we had to change the name of the band and I was puzzling to find an alternative I thought of calling the band Double Excess.

history of the logo

In addition to the name we needed an impact logo that communicated our desire to be free, to get naked and express our feelings through music.

A fearless logo that communicates freedom of expression! After all, Art is a form of transgression, provocation and freedom.

This is the history of logo of “Silhouette with the Red Lowered Panties” 🙂

Every time, during our concerts, there is always someone who compliments me for the logo and suggests me to make some t-shirts.

And here I am! I decided to throw myself away and today begins my great adventure in the business world.

Today is the first official day of the brand Double Excess 🙂

I want to combine Art with Fashion, the T-Shirt must become a white canvas where artists are free to express themselves.

history of logo double excess


We are going through one of the most acute phases of artistic abandonment and cultural degradation. I maintain that the real crisis is not economic but moral.

The economic crisis is a consequence of the moral crisis. The economic and cultural crisis we are experiencing must be countered by the rediscovery of true values and the rapprochement of man in Art.

With Double Excess the Art can be worn!

Now that you know the history of logo, If you want you can visit the site www.doubleexcess.com 

See you soon!