make money with trading

Make Money with Trading? [Mastermind Trading]

How to make money with Trading? Here is how I did 16.87% in just 4 ½ months

Many people like to make money with trading and there are those who succeed. I had never done Trading, A Mastermind session with my mentor was enough to gain 10 years of experience in the field.

It was simple, we followed the steps of my book “THE POWER OF MASTERMIND GROUP
This book is a passpartout that opens up any kind of door. It really works in every country and in every sector.

You need it to acquire all the knowledge you need to achieve all the goals you want.

Remember, if you don’t have the life you want, it’s because there’s something you don’t know.

How could your life change if you got the information that is destined for 2% of the world’s population?

Just participate in our mastermind events and you will have them!

And if you think it’s expensive to attend one of our mastermind events, you have no idea how much it’s costing you to stay home to watch.

I hope for you that you will believe me when I tell you that with Hybrid Mastermind you will gain 100 years of experience in just 7 days.

Not only will you learn to make money by trading on the day of financial education, but it will be a condensation of knowledge. Seven days of training, a fundamental theme every day. You will learn everything you need to get your life and business off the ground: MINDSET, HEALTH & WELL-BEING, MARKETING, FINANCIAL EDUCATION, PRODUCTIVITY and SALE

Lucky is the person who will learn to master the Power of Mastermind…

Learn to Master the Power of Mastermind

Lucky is the person who will learn to master the power of mastermind!

If I had not learned to master the power of mastermind, most likely now I would still be on the hamster wheel spinning.

Instead thanks to the knowledge accumulated in the mastermind groups to which I participated, today I am master of my time, I can do what I want when I want.

If you would like it too, I suggest you start from this reading: THE POWER OF MASTERMIND GROUP

Read it 3-4 times, you will notice page by page a growing interest in the mastermind events that we organize.

If you want to get the most out of yourself you have to surround yourself with the right people, but above all learn the rules of the game and then play better than anyone else.


“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” Albert Einstein


But how do you learn these rules of the game?

You will learn the rules of the game at the mastermind events we organize.

Get off the hamster wheel!

innovation adoption curve of Rogers

The Innovation Adoption curve of Rogers & Eventi Mastermind

The Innovation Adoption Curve of Rogers and our Mastermind Events

You may have noticed that we are not advertising our mastermind events very much, but why? We reveal it with the Innovation Adoption Curve of Rogers.

You should know that when a new technology, a new product, a new service, and in our case, a new way of training is presented on the market, there is only a 2.5% of people, called innovators, who embrace this innovation, such new technology, new product, new service.

They are people open to innovation.

innovation adoption curve of Rogers

As says Dr. Angelo Maria Riccardo Venditti, these people are the pioneers of that market, and it is with them that we want to establish a communication, with which precisely we want to get in touch. Because they are people with courage. They are people with whom we can better achieve the ultimate goal that is intrinsic in the courses and masterminds we organize.

Because we could influence with a massive advertising, that other 97.5% of the population, we can condition the rest of the people, but it would be a need induced from the outside. For them it would not be a need for innovation that comes from within.

As a result, we will attract people who cannot be the right people.

For this we do not make a massive publicity of our mastermind events. Because we aim for that 2.5%. Because that 2.5% of people has the characteristics to be able to collaborate with us in new projects.

We want the Innovators of the Innovation Adoption Curve of Rogers

They are special people, courageous and resourceful, who act despite the tension caused by the thought of change.

Because we will launch new projects, new businesses and new startups. And only that 2.5% can be a guarantee for himself and for us to go on then in the steps following the mastermind events that we organize.

So, wishing to conclude this article, I tell you that if you feel you are part of this category, of this 2.5% of brave and resourceful people, you are in fact invited to our mastermind events.


mastermind dinner

Mastermind Dinner for Investors, Business Angels and New Projects

Mastermind Dinner for Investors, Business Angels and New Projects

Many of you are writing to get more information about New Year’s CenHolding, well, The New Year’s CenHolding is The Great Mastermind Dinner on December 29th.

Let’s see a bit how it was born.

For us of Zeloni Corporation it has always been our company dinner, it was the dinner that sanctioned the end of the year but also the first day of the new year. This is why we have always jokingly called it “the dinner that makes you gain 2 days on competitors”. Then what happened. This dinner was also open to our friends entrepreneurs and investors, and has become a real mastermind dinner.

But what is CenHolding today?

Today CenHolding is a dinner that brings together new ideas and startups with investors and business angels. It is a dinner that is divided into 3 parts.

In the first part there is a short training course to understand what the new year’s trends are.

The second part is that of the presentations. In fact, startups will have a space to tell who they are, and there will also be a space for young people with new ideas that want to tell each other.

The third part is the one dedicated to relationships, which is the most important thing. There will be feedback slle presentations, participants can exchange ideas, advice, strategies, knowledge.

All accompanied with a beautiful dinner.

This great mastermind dinner offers a double advantage.

It gives new entrepreneurs the opportunity to find private financing, and offers new investment opportunities to investors and business angels.

Sometimes you just need one dinner to revolutionize your life and your business.

If you’re really hungry, but really hungry, I’ll wait for you at New Year’s CenHolding, The Great Mastermind Dinner on December 29th.

mastermind book

Mastermind Book To Read!

Read a nice Mastermind Book!

If there is a mastermind book, which I would have liked to read at eighteen, is “The Power of Mastermind Group“.

Jim Rohn says that you’re the average of the five people spend the most time with.

The truth is that the people around us have a huge impact on our lives.

I would have liked to discover the power of the Mastermind Group at eighteen.

When we are surrounded by extraordinary people, you can truly do extraordinary things.

Try to understand the true meaning of the mastermind group. Try to understand what advantages and benefits it can bring into your life. And in this book, you’ll find all the information you need to take advantage of this truly extraordinary tool.

Find this book on amazon, it costs only five dollars, so make this investment for your personal and professional growth, you will thank me.

I wish you a good read.

Mastermind Event

The Most Complete and Advanced Mastermind Event in the World

Why should you attend a mastermind event?

Today I would like to talk to you about the most complete and advanced Mastermind Event in the world.

Imagine being here together with other professionals in a spirit of perfect harmony, and become aware of all that work, both in personal and professional life.

The experience I’m about to present is divided into 3 parts:

Part one. Every morning we will do an advanced training course on fundamental issues to acquire all those knowledge, that if correctly applied in their life and in their business, we are automatically projected towards success.

In the second part, that of the afternoon, we will do some real mastermind activities on the topics discussed in the morning. This will be a very important activity for you because you can use our brains and also those of the participants to find solutions to your problems on that specific topic.

You will have many minds at your service to find the right solutions for you.

In the third part, that of the evening, we will gather here again to converse, it will be a gym made up of clever and cultured conversations, just like in an ancient symposium.

As you will have understood, this will be an event for a few, so before the price goes up again, I suggest you book your place now.

Knowledge is power. You are about to acquire 100 years of experience in just 7 days. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Hybrid Mastermind

hybrid mastermind

Hybrid Mastermind

A new hybrid experience that combines business with pleasure! Combining the opportunity for personal and professional growth to the regenerative holiday you need.

HYBRID MASTERMIND! The new frontier of the Mastermind, an event that takes place in a special place in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, on the island of Fuerteventura, a biosphere reserve, giving life to a new generation of hybrid experiences: Training, Nature and Tourism Sustainable.

Sometimes just a single idea or a trick to revolutionize your life and your business and this new hybrid experience enriches you in three points:

  • Mastermind Activities: an opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs and professionals from different sectors, with different skills and experiences. An opportunity to exchange ideas, information, strategies and resources for the purpose of solving problems, overcoming obstacles, and winning the challenges of their projects using the skills and ideas of all.


  • Personal Welness: you will come to an unthinkable level of well-being that you can not reach in a simple office or training room. An opportunity to rediscover yourself and rediscover the true values of life. You will be able to purify, regenerate and recharge from the routine that often makes you lose sight of the things that really matter.  (There will be the advantages and benefits of bathing in the sea)


  • Vacation on the island: an opportunity to experience this pearl of the Atlantic Ocean, taking advantage of the uncontaminated environment of this island and its 150km of endless beaches.


This event aims to be a gym of wisdom made up of witty and learned conversations exploiting the Law of Mastermind Alliance.

An opportunity for mutual inspiration as often happened in antiquity because with the passage of time we forgot that conversation is a real art.

This event is a moment of social life to exchange ideas and opinions on various topics, and combines the pleasure of being together with conversations about the future, innovation and business.

A smart way to learn all that other people have learned before you and to make the most of the failures and mistakes of others.

A revolutionary mastermind event that makes you gain 100 years of experience in just 7 days!


A support opportunity to improve your results to come out with new skills new contacts and develop any partnerships and joint ventures.

If you want to know more about the Mastermind groups then I suggest you read the book THE POWER OF MASTERMIND GROUP

mastermind group

The Power of Mastermind Group - The Secret Wapon for your Personal and Professional Life

You are about to acquire great power: The Power of Mastermind Group!

I’m about to reveal the secret of the greatest entrepreneurs in history who have accumulated great fortunes!

If you are an ENTREPRENEUR or FREELANCE or you are about to launch a new project this is one of the most important BOOKS that YOU can read!

The Mastermind Group is an instrument of fundamental importance for personal and professional success.

Many successful people attribute their entire fortune to the power and knowledge accumulated through the Mastermind Groups.

In this book, in addition to learning how to create your mastermind group, we will take a journey into the past, that offered an invaluable set of tools to undestand the present and to build the future.

You must know that the people with whom we share our time and the people around us have a huge impact on our lives.

That’s why it’s important to surround yourself with the right people to create a very powerful support system with a long-term vision.

Think big. Widen your horizons!

When you are surrounded by incredible people, you can do incredible things.

Lucky is the person who will learn to master the Power of the Mastermind Group.

You can buy the book on Amazon by clicking here: Mastermind Book.

But if you really want to get anything you want in life, do not miss the events where you’ll learn how to take advantage of 100% Mastermind Group’s power.

Take part in the the Great Mastermind Dinner on December 29th IL CENHOLDING DI CAPODANNO or at the event that makes you gain 100 years of experience in just 7 days: HYBRID MASTERMIND

If you already have a Mastermind Group and you want to increase your knowledge to a higher level, to be part of the society that matters, candidates for the selection of SIMPOCEAN.

The selection of the Simpocean is a worldwide selection of brains. The Simpocean is The Annual Summit Of Mastermind Groups, The Mastermind Group of the highly evolved Mastermind Groups.

Do not stand still and watch life, who does not do it, suffers it.

May the Power of the Mastermind be with YOU!

group dynamics

The Group Dynamics of Cross Crossing by Zeloni Magelli

Group Dynamics that fosters Knowledge in the Masterminds

This Group Dynamics advanced for the dissemination and management of knowledge is a geometry that has constants to promote the acquisition of value and experience during the activities of Mastermind.

The evolved technique of Group Dynamics of Cross Crossing is used in Mastermind Groups with many participants to promote a correct osmosis of knowledge among the various members.

This is the technique that is used in the world event Simpocean, the Annual Summit of the Mastermind Groups, where the members of The 50 List are put into smaller groups to beginning of several separate meetings to take advantage of the benefits  of a Masterminds  Group of 4-8 participants.

Geometry closes with the crystallization of skills in a global dynamic that affects all participants.

group dynamics

If you are interested in group dynamics, do not miss my book of Social Psychology Contact in the Intergroup and Prejudice, you can buy it on Amazon by clicking here: READ NOW