Smart Mastermind

smart mastermind

Smart Mastermind: Smart Mastermind & Remote Working – Psychology of Work and Organizations for Virtual Teams, Collaborative Networks and Mastermind Groups Smart Mastermind is a captivating instructional guide on how to navigate ways of working in this technological age. While smart and remote working are not new concepts, they are now defining the very way […]

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The Super Memory

super memory

The Super Memory: 3 Memory Books in 1: Photographic Memory, Memory Training and Memory Improvement – How to Increase Memory and Brain Power Imagine that you walk into a room to grab something off the coffee table. You enter the room, only to stop in your tracks – a slight panic sets in as you

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Memory Improvement

memory improvement

Memory Improvement: The Memory Book to Improve and Increase Your Brain Power – Brain Food and Brain Health Habits to Enhance Your Memory, Remember More You walk into a room and can recount to a stranger, the fifth word on the tenth page of the magazine you read yesterday. You remember the names of one

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Memory Training

memory training

Memory Training: Memory Games and Brain Training to Improve Memory and Prevent Memory Loss – Mental Training for Enhancing Memory and Concentration and Sharpening Cognitive Function Would you like to have a good memory? Would you like to be able to remember even the smallest details? Sometimes it’s embarrassing not to be able to remember

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Photographic Memory

photographic memory

Photographic Memory: Basic and Advanced Memory Techniques to Improve Your Memory – Mnemonic Techniques and Strategies to Enhance Memorization You grab a basket and walk through the sliding glass doors of the grocery store. As you enter, you realize that you can’t remember what you came to the store for. You know you need the

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The Power of Mastermind Group

power of mastermind

The Power of Mastermind is magic. In the first half of the 1900s, six ordinary people who had nothing, met each other and began to apply the power of the mastermind. This power turned them into the six richest people in Boston. Do you think it was an accident? Here is another story. You have

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Groups and Group Dynamics: Contact in the Intergroup and Prejudice

groups dynamics

This book of Social Psychology on group dynamics is dedicated to those who censored my university thesis “THE THEORY OF REALITY” and I take this opportunity to thank the students who have witnessed this crime. “When you observe puppets, you understand how wonderful it is to think differently, move differently and feel different things.” Edoardo Zeloni Magelli

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