Are Masks Dangerous and Bad for the Brain?

bad for the brain

Are masks bad for the brain?

There are many people who work all day with the mask and then go home and have a headache.

Let’s start by saying that headache is a pain and pain is an alarm signal. It is a signal that tells us that there is something that is not working properly in our body.

It’s a bit like when the machine light comes on, it’s a signal to tell us that something is wrong and that it is not working well.

Now, since there is freedom of expression, I am free to express my opinion.

And in this article I want to tell you why the masks, in addition to not protecting you, are harmful and dangerous to health.

Let’s start from the basics of physiology. We breathe oxygen, and breathe out carbon dioxide. This means that we breathe a substance we need and we emit and expel a waste substance.

Carbon dioxide is the waste of our metabolism, so it is a substance that is expelled from our body because we don’t need it.

It is a waste. We breathe oxygen and expel carbon dioxide.

Now when we wear a mask, we have an impediment, carbon dioxide is not expelled correctly, but remains here.

So it means that in addition to breathing a small part of oxygen we also breathe a lot of carbon dioxide.

So instead of bringing oxygen to our cells, we are carrying carbon dioxide.

And let me say that it is not a very smart move, since we are programmed to expel this waste substance, and not to aspirate it.

Now forgive my very simple and basic language, but I want it to be an article truly within everyone’s reach, easy to understand truly for everyone.

Let’s go back to our headache. Are masks bad for the brain?

If our brain cells need oxygen and we give them carbon dioxide … There is something wrong …

Not to mention the fact that brain cells die without oxygen.

Now breathing in all this carbon dioxide, increase the concentration level of this substance in your blood. So the blood goes into hypercapnia.

Hypercapnia is when the level of carbon dioxide concentration in the blood increases.

This is a big problem, because your body goes into acidosis, becomes more acidic than necessary, lowers the PH and increases the acidity in your body.

The acid-base balance of our body involves all the tissues of our body. This is why it has a huge impact on our health.

When our body’s acidity increases, the risk of disease also increases. The risk of cancer also increases.

The more acidic your body becomes, the more fertile it becomes for diseases. The increase in acidity in your body increases the chances of getting cancer.

Now, this message may sound a little loud but I can’t see people I know, who work all day with that mask and who endanger their health.

Now, as long as it takes for 10-15 minutes there is no problem. But when you wear it all day, it starts to become a problem.

But then when we wear this mask, we emit steam and this vapor wets the mask.

This wet mask becomes a breeding ground for parasites, fungi, bacteria, viruses. Now it is not that there are only the most famous viruses, but there are thousands of bacteria.

So this humidity in the mask makes it become a breeding ground for these pathogens!

Now it is not for me to decide to change a law, the rules must be respected.

However, we will have to get used to asking ourselves a really important question every time we are forced to do something.

This question is magical. We always ask ourselves, why do I have to do this? Because? Because?

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I decided to interview some of my international scientist friends to clarify some topics because I am realizing that there is a lot, a lot of misinformation.

In the meantime, you can start boosting your brain with brain training and I suggest you reflect on my article on mandatory medical treatment.

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