Introduction to Meditation

Introduction to Meditation

Welcome to this brief introduction to meditation.

This ancient and universal practice is essential to increase its performance under all levels, both mental and physical.

Now many studies have confirmed how this inner process reassumes the capacities of the brain at various levels to bring you to a feeling of great balance and well-being.

Where to start?

You should start to find inspiration to meditate in the morning when you wake up, this habit has the ability to positively influence the performance of the whole day.

If you are approaching the subject for the first time, it may seem all too difficult, but it is not.

Begin to find a comfortable and spontaneous position, so as to achieve a good degree of relaxation and abandonment. There is no more or less right position, there is the right position for you!

It can help you create a mental garden where you can escape to find peace and absolute tranquility, a state of intense relaxation and well-being that allows you to increase your energy.

Do not think about what you do, close your eyes, relax your arms, your body, concentrate on your breathing and let yourself go.

Lower your mental control, slow down all your processes, alternating phases of concentration and phases of distraction to hear conversations of your silence.

You will notice that your thoughts come and go freely from your head and you will feel a good feeling of tranquility and order.

You will feel very relaxed.

Meditating re-establishes the functioning of your brain and your mood in terms of balance and harmony thanks to dopamine and serotonin.

It helps you to calm down effectively to focus on your priorities and use your brain to the fullest. It also helps you to let go of everything that weighs you down, which slows you down, which hinders your true being.

This is only a brief introduction to meditation, but if you want to deepen and get the most out of life and bring your performances to extraordinary levels, you should approach the primordial meditation.

the power of silence

The Power of Silence

Dear reader,
today I would like to share with you, the power of art that nourishes wisdom: The Silence.

The power of silence is a luxury for everyone, but that few people can give themselves.

Why should you exploit the power of silence?

Simply because our brain needs it.

You must know that there are brain processes that can be completed only with silence, which organizes and integrates the relevant information and gets rid of what it considers superfluous.

Therefore, silence is really a sort of real purification and activates your inner therapeutic energies.

Dissolve the tensions, calm the soul and I think you will learn to love it, because it does not bother you, it does not wake you up, it makes you more intelligent, creative and sure of yourself.

It is also a process of self-reflection that leads you to reflect on yourself. It raises the volume of your thoughts, plunges you into the abyss of thoughts, emotions, memories, in a dimension to search for the points of reference necessary to redirect your life.

It is also a fundamental weapon to understand how to find your own way, purifies your emotions and recomposes your individuality.

It makes you feel in tune with the world, it makes you more flexible in the face of changes, it makes you start again with adequate energies and horizons.

All this is the power of silence! And it’s simply a very powerful cure.

So from now on, start taking advantage of this great power and allow yourself the luxury of being in silence to listen to you.

Nurture a habit to isolate yourself to think in silence in nature.

Nature nourishes your soul and will help you to recharge your mind, body and spirit.

You will therefore have both physical and mental benefits.

Furthermore, being in silence, surrounded by nature, allows you to get in touch with the most primitive part of yourself, in a pure and uncontaminated dimension where natural order reigns.

It allows you to fast from the artificial society, to put into action in a natural way your original mental processes, which will bring out your deep essence, your true essence.

Now you just have to give yourself the luxury of spending some time alone in silence.

And remember: Silence is golden!

isolating themselves

Isolating themselves to think

Isolating themselves to think is the difference that makes the difference.

Yes! You understood well, isolating themselves to think!

Every day you receive thousands of information and every day you find yourself to making decisions that naturally influence your results.

But with all these external messages from other people, can you listen to the signals that come from the depths of your true essence?

Only if you learn to listen to the messages of your inner world will you be able to live according to your true nature.

Thinks. At this time in your life, are you working on your success or the success of other people?

Would you like to start listening to you to stop living another person’s life?

Do not let other people influence your results!

The decisions we make are taken according to our dominant thoughts, but you can not listen well in the middle of the noise, you can not see well in the fog and you can not make right choices for yourself in the midst of the influences and conditioning of this artificial society.

If you really want to listen to yourself, you must isolate yourself to think.

Learn to protect your spaces. Isolation is one of those fundamental processes for transforming a modern slave life into an extraordinary person of success, as well as allowing you to attend the most important person in your life. You!

It must become a habit to dedicate time to be alone and in silence, at least an hour a day, where you can walk, run, play sports or just relax in the middle of nature.

It helps you to find yourself, to know yourself better, to understand your way of thinking, of feeling, of understanding how you must behave and react to what happens to you in life.

But today it seems that man can not be alone anymore. Modern man can not bear even a few minutes of solitude.

He has become so incapable of being comfortable with himself, that when he is alone for a few minutes, instead of being grateful for the opportunity to think and reflect, he throws himself as a junkie on the technological devices he has at his fingertips.

Sometimes not even while driving can be alone, he prefers to communicate with other people risking his life and that of others, rather than enjoying the journey, observing, admiring, contemplating the road, the city, the landscapes or the surrounding nature .

These people need a great healthy Digital Detox and of course learn to isolate themselves to think.

Isolation is a fundamental tool to maintain control of one’s life and allows us to carry out the most important activity of all, it is the art that dominates our life, it is the goddess of all activities: Thinking.

This noble and precious activity can not be carried out well among other people and with technological devices turned on.

Thinking is immense!

The nature of life is to aspire to more and more life, our human nature is to desire a better, happier, rich and abundant life and when you think you are inspired to grow, elevate and advance.

So thinking is growth, elevation and advancement.

If you are a person who is awake, of course you will have realized that allowing yourself time to isolating themeselves to think and reflect is very wise.

It is also a good strategy to get better ideas, make better choices and regain lost lucidity.

The great geniuses of the past had their best ideas away from their workflow but during recreation and reflection.

In fact many of them had special places reserved for thinking. Because a state of tranquility and well-being helps intuition and creativity.

You will also discover that beginning to move away to think, you will have more opportunities at all levels that will make you advance to your higher level.

Isolating yourself, especially in the midst of nature, without technological devices, means enjoying quality time, and when you do this, you can learn a lot about yourself.

There are few sages who invest their time in moments of reflection to think, and this is what distinguishes champions from ordinary people.

Thinking is the difference that makes the difference and helps us to recompose our life, how to fix the pieces of a puzzle.

It serves to understand, make connections, and it is always useful to have a pen and paper with him to write down the ideas and insights that emerge (writing on paper is much more powerful than writing on technological devices).


“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” Blais Pascal


Every day you get thousands of information and silence allows you to regenerate your brain, recover your energies, process information and allow your true being to emerge.

Think by exploiting the power of silence.

Learn to give yourself this precious time, if you have patience to keep silence, you will make new thoughts emerge and you will discover new things about yourself.

So find a shelter where nobody can bother you, find a special place reserved for reflection, your mind will thank you.

Taking time, isolating themselves to think, planning one’s own future, health, relationships and one’s career is one of the best and most profitable ways to spend one’s time.

Isolate yourself, think and follow your way!

And if you do not have a way to follow, you may find it useful to read my article “How to find your own way?”

Good Isolation to Think!

come trovare la propria strada

How to find your own way?

How to find your own way?

This is a very important question to ask yourself. If you ended up on this article it is precisely because you wrote on search engines “how to find your own way” hoping to find something that can help you.

I have good news for you!

You’re in the right place!

You’re lucky because not only have you found an article on how to find your own way, but you’ve also found a whole discipline that really helps you find your way!

The discipline that will help you is Primordial Psychology.

Now you will tell me: But Edoardo! I just wanted to read an article on a personal growth blog, do not sign up for university!

Dear reader, do not worry! In this article I will give you the three basic tips to help you start really finding your way.

If you then want to put the turbo to your life, then you can always read a book of Primordial Psychology.

To succeed in life it is important to know our destination. If you do not know where you are going, will you ever get there? Of course not!

If you do not live according to your purpose you will let yourself be carried away by the events and you will end up living a random life.


“There is no favorable wind for the sailor who doesn’t know where to go” Seneca


So here are my 3 tips to find your way:


  • Learn to listen to yourself

Spend time in the middle of nature, alone, exploiting the power of silence, away from advertising, television, internet, without technological devices turned on.

Begin to fast from the artificial society and reduce external stimuli for the benefit of your internal stimuli.

Give yourself some time to get them out.

Spending time a little alone in silence is a panacea. Silence also allows you to raise the volume of your thoughts.

So learn to be alone in silence to listen to you in the middle of nature. Isolating themselves to think is the difference that makes the difference.


“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” Blaise Pascal


Listen to you! You must understand who you are and what you want to start living your true life!


  • Surround yourself with successful people

If you have not been able to find your way yet, it will be a great inspiration for you to start attending people who live according to their mission and who are succeeding in what they do.

Why? The reason is very simple. Only those who succeed in life and work can teach you how to be successful in life and in work.

Now you must know that this theme not only deserves a separate article, but an entire book.

But if I had to choose only one ingredient to give you to start to surround yourself with better people, it is undoubtedly to start creating your mastermind group.


“You’re the average of the five people spend the most time with” Jim Rohn


  • Read at least one book a week

Now do not make the mistake of abandoning this article and not reading it to the end!

Reading is the key to the success of many millionaires.

You have to know that all the most successful people in the world indicate how their critical success factor is reading.

You must be careful, however, to read the right books. Try to prefer non-fiction to fiction.

People with a low income usually read to entertain themselves. While successful people read to improve and empower.

You also try to acquire the habit of reading every day (even starting only for 10 minutes) to acquire every day those knowledge and skills that will turn you into a better person.


A well-chosen book saves you from anything, even from yourself” Daniel Pennac

I hope this article on how to find your own way has been helpful, and I remind you that if you want to get the most out of yourself and your life, Primordial Psychology is the discipline that will bring out the best in you.

Whichever way you choose to take, remember that the most important thing is not where you will arrive, but enjoy this extraordinary journey called life.

Enjoy your trip!

bathing in the sea

The Secret of Bathing in the Sea

Bathing in the sea is one of my favorite activities. Why?

Because in addition to being pleasant, the swim in the sea offers you great and multiple benefits. By now science has confirmed that the sea also helps depressive states and is a powerful natural medicine.

If you have the patience to read this short article, you will discover the secrets behind a simple swim in the sea.

Since our life has manifested we have been connected to water. Our body is composed of about 75% of water, and is the fundamental element for the proper functioning of our organs.

Near the water your brain is stimulated and releases chemicals related to happiness, such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin.

Think about it, is not it true that only the sea view makes you happier?

The truth is that it stimulates you to reconnect with fun and what really thrills you in life.

Then the water in addition to being necessary for human survival also has an extraordinary power.

If only the sea view makes you feel better, let alone make a bath!

First of all, diving into water brings you back to your natural state, renews your cells and puts you in a good mood.

Water has the great power to rejuvenate the mind, makes you feel more alert and focused.

The massage of the water reactivates the circulation, the salt of the sea frees the airways and reduces the allergic forms.

Absorb substances contained in sea water, absorb trace elements and salts that restore your organic balance.

Thanks to the concentration of mineral salts of water, through osmosis eliminate excess fluids through the skin, water retention is reduced, blood circulation is reactivated.

It also improves the circulatory system and metabolism.

As you’ve noticed, your body benefits from it. It becomes stronger and more resistant to external aggressions, reinforces the immune system, strengthens the bones, removes muscle and joint pains.

Do not just bathing in the sea, take a short swim!

Swimming in the sea is a panacea for the body. Relax the muscles, remove stress, dissolve accumulated contractures and improve muscle tone. The body appears drier, the metabolism works great and recovers the energy lost during the year.

Naturally, you also benefit from sea air that contains mineral salts such as sodium and magnesium chloride, iodine, calcium, potassium, bromine and silicon that improve breathing for the benefit of the lungs.

Now you’re ready for bathing in the sea? 😉

bathing in the sea

I want to make you a proposal!

Come and bathe in the ocean with me, my colleagues and other entrepreneurs and freelancers for a revolutionary mastermind experience.

The person who returns home and at work will no longer be the same! Find out more

earn bitcoin

Earn Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies Free!

Before telling you how you can earn free bitcoins online and other cryptocurrencies, I want to start this article by telling you a story. It was the year 2010 when the first purchase of a physical asset took place with the BITCOIN digital currency. A “laszlo” (a user of the forum) came to mind to offer 10,000 bitcoins to anyone who delivered 2 pizzas to their home. There was a user who accepted and with a charge of 30 $ (pizzas + including tip) satisfied him. Those 10,000 bitcoins today are worth around 50 million euros.

Did I get your attention now?

n September 2014, a bitcoin was worth $ 325, now (October 2017) a bitcoin worth about $ 5000. The beauty is that the prediction is that a bitcoin will come to be worth about € 200,000.

Bitcoins can not be “mined” (reference to gold mines) forever, Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin has set the maximum limit of 21 million, so as all the goods of scarce availability the bitcoin will increase in value over time, just like gold.

Of course, now you understand the opportunity to start investing or earning free bitcoins right away.

The beauty is that there are not only bitcoins, there are many other cryptocurrencies that today are worth as the bitcoin when it was the beginning.

If you want to know more, you can read the article “Reinventing Finance with Cryptocurrencies“, If you already know what we are talking about and you are ready to earn your first bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, continue reading.


It’s very simple! Some active members of the communities of cryptocurrencies, have decided to adopt tools to spread the interest and use of digital currencies and thus increase their popularity and consequently their value. It’s a way to educate people about using cryptocurrencies.

Now you have 2 possibilities:

  • Watching others earn and continue to complain about a crisis that does not exist (You’ve got it right! The Crisis does not exist! Have you noticed that 80% of new millionaires are new generation, that is, they started from 0? would have done if there had been the crisis? You are in crisis only if you continue to play with the old rules, so the fault is only yours)
  • Start riding one of the many opportunities of this wonderful era by learning about the new rules of the game

If you choose the second option then you are ready to make money online! Now the party start!


Let’s cut it short, time is money. The first thing you need to do is sign up immediately on QOINPRO

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To subscribe and collect your earnings you will need the address of a Wallet of DogeCoin

Your online account/wallet will have an address similar to this: “KPfRPI6isp4hNCneBtRCeE1jvTGcRcR” .

You can use the QOINPRO multi-currency wallet that I recommended above.

Simply go to “Wallet” then “Receive Addresses”, select the “DogeCoin” coin and then “Generate”.

QOINPRO will generate your address to subscribe and especially to collect your DogeCoin


Another way to earn bitcoins online for free is through advertising views, and you can start earning money by signing up for: Banner
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With CryptoTab you have the opportunity to earn bitcoins while using the Google Chrome browser and you can start immediately by clicking below:


If you want to have more earning opportunities with cryptocurrency mining then I suggest you read this article:

Other ways to make money online?

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finance cryptocurrencies

Reinventing Finance with Cryptocurrencies

What's happening to the world of finance?

The world of finance trembles before the new global phenomenon: "The Cryptocurrencies". They are independent digital currencies, everyone talks about it but there is still too much confusion. Cryptocurrencies are reinventing finance, they are fast, dynamic, anonymous and above all decentralized (not controlled by anyone).

New digital currencies allow secure online payments, can be used as a trading tool and pay for goods and services, making it a real alternative to central bank currencies. This is a phenomenon that can revolutionize the world of finance forever and beyond.

The first decentralized and the most famous digital currency is BITCOIN and I suggest you watch this short 96 second video to get an overview of the creation, security and exchange of this cryptocurrency.

“The goal is not to occupy Wall Street, the goal is not to occupy finance, the goal this time is to reinvent the Finance.” Marco Montemagno

How much is a Bitcoin worth?


Value increases or decreases depending on supply and demand. In December 2014, a Bitcoin was worth $ 325. On 6 September 2017 it was worth $ 4,500. Bitcoins can not be “mined” (referring to gold mines), that is, generated eternally, Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin has set the maximum limit of 21 million, then like all the goods of scarce availability the value of bitcoin it is destined to increase over time.

Unless you are a little awkward and unreceptive person, you will have already understood the importance of starting now to buy or to earn cryptocurrencies. What you need to do to build your future are 3 simple steps:


Earning bitcoins is an opportunity and to start this adventure in the era of new finance and you can open an account quickly and at zero expense on BLOCKCHAIN

Your online account / wallet will have an address similar to this: “3GLr9Dh2wtkLPaIElDZoqjkspS5Oz9Rpal”. Once you have opened an account you can start to receive and send your payments in bitcoins.

Immediately afterwards you have to open another WALLET (online wallet) that you must have absolutely: QOINPRO

Every day you will be credited with cents of BitCoin, LiteCoin, FeatherCoin, FedoraCoin, InfiniteCoin, DogeCoin, DigitalCoin, Virtacoin, PeerCoin, Dash, etc.. With this wallet you can centrally control your digital currencies.


To buy your first cryptocurrencies you can subscribe to one of the most reliable and important exchanger: COINBASE 

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Another highly recommended site to send, exchange and receive money and cryptocurrency is the very popular PAYEER



The most famous and recommended site to start earning free bitcoins right away is FREEBITCOIN which offers you multiple opportunities, such as:

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Another quick and easy method is to sign up on CryptoTab where you can take advantage of Google Chrome to earn Bitcoins.

crypto tab

Are there any other ways to earn bitcoins for free? But above all because they are given to us?

If you want to find out how earn bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies free and understand why there are these opportunities then do not miss this article:

Other ways to make money online?

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hybrid mastermind

Hybrid Mastermind

A new hybrid experience that combines business with pleasure! Combining the opportunity for personal and professional growth to the regenerative holiday you need.

HYBRID MASTERMIND! The new frontier of the Mastermind, an event that takes place in a special place in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, on the island of Fuerteventura, a biosphere reserve, giving life to a new generation of hybrid experiences: Training, Nature and Tourism Sustainable.

Sometimes just a single idea or a trick to revolutionize your life and your business and this new hybrid experience enriches you in three points:

  • Mastermind Activities: an opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs and professionals from different sectors, with different skills and experiences. An opportunity to exchange ideas, information, strategies and resources for the purpose of solving problems, overcoming obstacles, and winning the challenges of their projects using the skills and ideas of all.


  • Personal Welness: you will come to an unthinkable level of well-being that you can not reach in a simple office or training room. An opportunity to rediscover yourself and rediscover the true values of life. You will be able to purify, regenerate and recharge from the routine that often makes you lose sight of the things that really matter.  (There will be the advantages and benefits of bathing in the sea)


  • Vacation on the island: an opportunity to experience this pearl of the Atlantic Ocean, taking advantage of the uncontaminated environment of this island and its 150km of endless beaches.


This event aims to be a gym of wisdom made up of witty and learned conversations exploiting the Law of Mastermind Alliance.

An opportunity for mutual inspiration as often happened in antiquity because with the passage of time we forgot that conversation is a real art.

This event is a moment of social life to exchange ideas and opinions on various topics, and combines the pleasure of being together with conversations about the future, innovation and business.

A smart way to learn all that other people have learned before you and to make the most of the failures and mistakes of others.

A revolutionary mastermind event that makes you gain 100 years of experience in just 7 days!


A support opportunity to improve your results to come out with new skills new contacts and develop any partnerships and joint ventures.

If you want to know more about the Mastermind groups then I suggest you read the book THE POWER OF MASTERMIND GROUP

mastermind group

The Power of Mastermind Group - The Secret Wapon for your Personal and Professional Life

You are about to acquire great power: The Power of Mastermind Group!

I’m about to reveal the secret of the greatest entrepreneurs in history who have accumulated great fortunes!

If you are an ENTREPRENEUR or FREELANCE or you are about to launch a new project this is one of the most important BOOKS that YOU can read!

The Mastermind Group is an instrument of fundamental importance for personal and professional success.

Many successful people attribute their entire fortune to the power and knowledge accumulated through the Mastermind Groups.

In this book, in addition to learning how to create your mastermind group, we will take a journey into the past, that offered an invaluable set of tools to undestand the present and to build the future.

You must know that the people with whom we share our time and the people around us have a huge impact on our lives.

That’s why it’s important to surround yourself with the right people to create a very powerful support system with a long-term vision.

Think big. Widen your horizons!

When you are surrounded by incredible people, you can do incredible things.

Lucky is the person who will learn to master the Power of the Mastermind Group.

You can buy the book on Amazon by clicking here: Mastermind Book.

But if you really want to get anything you want in life, do not miss the events where you’ll learn how to take advantage of 100% Mastermind Group’s power.

Take part in the the Great Mastermind Dinner on December 29th IL CENHOLDING DI CAPODANNO or at the event that makes you gain 100 years of experience in just 7 days: HYBRID MASTERMIND

If you already have a Mastermind Group and you want to increase your knowledge to a higher level, to be part of the society that matters, candidates for the selection of SIMPOCEAN.

The selection of the Simpocean is a worldwide selection of brains. The Simpocean is The Annual Summit Of Mastermind Groups, The Mastermind Group of the highly evolved Mastermind Groups.

Do not stand still and watch life, who does not do it, suffers it.

May the Power of the Mastermind be with YOU!

group dynamics

The Group Dynamics of Cross Crossing by Zeloni Magelli

Group Dynamics that fosters Knowledge in the Masterminds

This Group Dynamics advanced for the dissemination and management of knowledge is a geometry that has constants to promote the acquisition of value and experience during the activities of Mastermind.

The evolved technique of Group Dynamics of Cross Crossing is used in Mastermind Groups with many participants to promote a correct osmosis of knowledge among the various members.

This is the technique that is used in the world event Simpocean, the Annual Summit of the Mastermind Groups, where the members of The 50 List are put into smaller groups to beginning of several separate meetings to take advantage of the benefits  of a Masterminds  Group of 4-8 participants.

Geometry closes with the crystallization of skills in a global dynamic that affects all participants.

group dynamics

If you are interested in group dynamics, do not miss my book of Social Psychology Contact in the Intergroup and Prejudice, you can buy it on Amazon by clicking here: READ NOW