making an exit

Making an Exit - Making Cash Out of your own Company

Making an Exit – Making Cash Out of your own Company

I was in consultancy with a client, he wanted to participate in the CenHolding to make an Exit, he wanted to make Cash Out of his company and then stop working.

It has a company that earns more than 5 million euros a year, he is a very good entrepreneur, but there is a problem.

The problem is that he is too fundamental for his company, without him, the company is worth zero.

Now pay close attention to what I’m about to say, let’s have a general overview of the topic.

Most people think that making an exit it’s like selling a home, you sell a house, you get the money, and then you do not think about it anymore.

It is that in most cases, it does not work that way. The company’s ownership changes, happen differently. These business acquisition dynamics are unknown to most entrepreneurs.

Now I’ll explain how it works.

When a company makes cash out, and is bought by a group, in most cases, the cash out contract, it also foresees the presence of the entrepreneur within the company. Basically it is as if the entrepreneur after the acquisition remains for a period to make the employee of himself. And this period can vary from contract to contract.


And often there is also an Earnout, a variable part of the price, linked to the results after the acquisition. This is done to reduce the risks of the operation.

So be careful, you can sell your company and capitalize, however, it is very likely that you are asked to remain as an employee in your company.

You will be asked for a period of transition to drive the companyand this period can also be long.

I confide you a secret. Often, who wants to buy a company, he wants to buy the founder too. To avoid this, you must train the staff well.

The juice is that you do not have to be the only brain of the company. Make sure to leave other brains on the company.

You must make sure to sell the company regardless of you.

You have to sell the business without you inside. That is, your business can not be based only on your talent.

If you are the company, and then you take away, the company dies. You have to make sure, to become superfluous to your company.

It must also work without you. Try to make the process of your company practical and simple. begins to work on the creation of an operating manual.

An operating manual that describes every practical aspect of how your business works. An operating manual that can be delivered to an employee with minimal training, that he can use for his work.

Start thinking like the big franchise chains, which have very detailed operating manuals.

So, if you want making an Exit or Cash Out of your company, it’s OK to participate in CenHolding (The Great Mastermind Dinner) to present it before investors and business angels, But pay close attention to what I told you.

mastermind dinner

Mastermind Dinner for Investors, Business Angels and New Projects

Mastermind Dinner for Investors, Business Angels and New Projects

Many of you are writing to get more information about New Year’s CenHolding, well, The New Year’s CenHolding is The Great Mastermind Dinner on December 29th.

Let’s see a bit how it was born.

For us of Zeloni Corporation it has always been our company dinner, it was the dinner that sanctioned the end of the year but also the first day of the new year. This is why we have always jokingly called it “the dinner that makes you gain 2 days on competitors”. Then what happened. This dinner was also open to our friends entrepreneurs and investors, and has become a real mastermind dinner.

But what is CenHolding today?

Today CenHolding is a dinner that brings together new ideas and startups with investors and business angels. It is a dinner that is divided into 3 parts.

In the first part there is a short training course to understand what the new year’s trends are.

The second part is that of the presentations. In fact, startups will have a space to tell who they are, and there will also be a space for young people with new ideas that want to tell each other.

The third part is the one dedicated to relationships, which is the most important thing. There will be feedback slle presentations, participants can exchange ideas, advice, strategies, knowledge.

All accompanied with a beautiful dinner.

This great mastermind dinner offers a double advantage.

It gives new entrepreneurs the opportunity to find private financing, and offers new investment opportunities to investors and business angels.

Sometimes you just need one dinner to revolutionize your life and your business.

If you’re really hungry, but really hungry, I’ll wait for you at New Year’s CenHolding, The Great Mastermind Dinner on December 29th.

moving abroad

Moving abroad to change your life? Maybe the right choice for you!

Moving abroad to change your life? Maybe the right choice for you!

Moving abroad to change your life could really be the solution for you. Try to reflect.

A fundamental aspect that deals the Primordial Psychology is the place where we live. What is the best place for you, your passions and your business? Can you make your dreams come true in the place where you live? Where is it that you would like to live? In which place could you best express your skills?

We often do not get results because we find ourselves in a place that does not enhance our capabilities.

If you are a fish, you can not stay in a place where you are judged for your ability to climb trees. If you are a fish you must stay in the water. It is there that you can achieve your best performances. It is there that you can express your full potential, and it is there that you can achieve great results.

You are like a seed, which can become a tree of success. You have all the necessary requirements to become a strong and robust tree that can give extraordinary results. But you have to grow on the right ground for you.

What is the right terrain for your qualities? You, like every seed, you have certain characteristics. There are seeds that need sand, there are seeds that need the earth. There are seeds that are able to grow better in the heat, while those in the cold. If you are not the best version of yourself today, it is because most likely you were born in unfavorable terrain.

Become aware that you can not grow in a land that does not value you. You need to grow in an environment that stimulates your growth, in a place that adapts to your characteristics.

The right place is the one that manages to bring out the best part of you.

So do not blame yourself until today you could not get what you wanted. A seed carried by the wind in an unfavorable terrain is not a bad seed. You’re not a bad seed, you just need the right soil to bloom. In which place can you grow to the maximum of your abilities?

Now fortunately unlike a seed, you can leave a poor soil to go and feed yourself in a land that offers you everything you need. Become aware of the fact that with a little courage you can build a job and a life wherever you want.

Of course now I can not know if you want change your life, to move abroad, to leave the place where you are now.

If you are thinking about it, I recommend this book: Mollo tutto e vado all’estero of Francesco Narmenni

Among other things, I had the pleasure of meeting Francesco, the author of this book, and I can tell you that he is really a really smart guy. Go and visit his blog and also his YouTube Channel “Smettere di Lavorare”.

This is really a practical guide to creating a better life in another country. This is a very well done job. It also contains summaries and translations of the laws of the countries in which today it is appropriate to move.

Let’s go into the details:

  • Choose a country based on its means and the cost of living
  • To obtain useful information on the destination (consulates, government sites, regulations, etc.)
  • The most interesting destinations
  • Take the first steps (registration to the AIRE etc.)
  • Buying a house abroad (general procedures, straightforward to avoid scams, relations with the Italian tax authorities)
  • Finding work abroad (suitable channels, professions required)


Choose the place to live, choose to live in a place that manages to bring out the best part of yourself. Choose a place that can make you express all the potential you have. Although this may mean moving abroad

Moving abroad to change your life could really be the right choice for you. Remember, with a little courage you can build a job and a life wherever you want.

the reading

The Reading is the Secret of Millionaires

What is the secret of millionaires? The reading.

You must know that the greatest in the world indicate their critical success factor in reading. That’s right, the richest people on the planet are reading a lot.

But you must be careful to read the right books. Try to prefer non-fiction rather than narrative. You need to know that people with low income read to entertain themselves, while rich people read to improve themselves, to grow, to become ever better.

Try to read every day, even for 10 minutes, to acquire those knowledge and skills that can turn you into a better person.

My life really turned around when I started reading a book a week, today I spend at least 4 hours a day studying.

Think about it, how you can become a better person, if you do not acquire those skills, those abilities, those knowledge that can turn you into a better person.

A book is not just a source of cultural enrichment, but it really enriches you in every sense. The culture itself is made of books, without the books there would be no progress for humanity.

Many teachings are hidden in the books, unfortunately, it almost seems like the reading is forgotten and this is the biggest mistake of our current society.

The disheartening fact is that only 10% of the population really reads, let’s say the truth, the school forced us to read, made us hate reading for years. With time we have learned to associate negative feelings with reading.

Let’s try to dust off the love for reading!

If you do not read often, remember that we read to learn! If you do not read much, it also starts for just 10 minutes. And do not say you do not have time, because if you do not have time even to read 10 minutes a day, but what kind of life are you doing?

Today, the biggest enemy number one of the people is the smartphone, try to take time to technology for the benefit of reading. Try to think about all the time you spend watching television or mobile. If all that time you spent reading it to learn new things, would you be a better person? I think so, yes.

So from now on, look around your day to carve out some space to read. Also try to read books that are not in your sector, read about everything. Reading books from another sector allows you to find interesting ideas and suggestions to import into your field.

This is really a powerful strategy that allows you to have a much wider view of things, and often this is how great innovations arise.

So, spend more time reading, try to learn something new every day, and then reading is also a practice that is good for the brain.

I want to give you another piece of advice, choose to read paper books. The paper book allows you to explore a theme with greater depth.

Non-reading is damaging our society, if you think about it, also the quality of your life and of your work. So, dedicate more time to reading!

digital detox travel

Digital Detox Travel for your digital wellbeing

Digital Detox Travel for your digital wellbeing

In this article we go to the discovery of digital detox travel. What relationship do you have with internet and technological devices? Are you satisfied with your daily productivity level or do you know you could do more?

How many times have you checked your phone today? How many times have you checked the e-mails? How many hours do you spend on social networks?

Technology offers us some really important tools, but they have to be managed, we can not be slaves. This culture of being always connected and being available 24 hours a day is becoming more widespread,

This new trend causes stress and serious new diseases.

Not to mention the productivity, every 180 seconds we suffer a distraction and then it takes 24 minutes to get back concentrated. In this way you can not continue, productivity is decreasing and companies are paying dearly for this.

Fortunately, however, there are solutions.

Have you ever heard of digital detox travel?

I am pleased to be one of the digital detox travel professors who organize Digitox, and for the first few days you will be with me and I will teach you how to manage your digital sphere.

With Digitox you can also enjoy a nice tour on the island of Fuerteventura where you can do relaxing and rejuvenating activities that will recharge you great.

I guarantee you that the person returning from the trip will be a completely different person, enormously more productive.

If you follow the advice I will give you, I’m sure you will be able to bring your productivity to such extraordinary levels that maybe your boss can also give you a good promotion.

It will also be an experience that will bring you great benefits for your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. Recharging yourself in the middle of nature is a panacea for your well-being at all levels.

Now you just have to pack your suitcase, reserve, relax, regenerate and return more laden than ever.

Have a good trip!

go to the psychologist

Go to the Psychologist? You can help yourself with Primordial Psychology

Do you want to go to the psychologist?

If you are thinking of going to the psychologist this is the right article for you. But first let me introduce myself, I’m Dr. Edoardo Zeloni Magelli and I help people to re-embrace their true life through Primordial Psychology, to bring harmony back into the world.

What does it mean to re-embrace one’s own life? Ask yourself a question, In this moment of your life, are you working on your success or that of other people?

Maybe you’re just living another person’s life. This is the cause of all your problems.

When we are born, we are really us, the real ones, the original ones, aligned to the original version of ourselves, we are born with the original mind clean and empty.

But then we begin to receive messages from outside that alter our true essence.

From the beginning you have been conditioned, they taught you what you had to do and what you did not have to do, they told you what was good and what was bad, they told you that those things were good and those were bad.

These conditioning, they are fixed in the center of your intelligence and continue to incite you on what to do and what not to do.

I would like you to begin to understand that these are all messages from other people, they are not your messages and you are not living according to your true nature. I would like you to notice, that without realizing it you found yourself living a life governed by rules that you did not choose.

Of course now I can not know what you’re feeling and what you’re thinking but I’m sure you’d like to start living your true life according to your rules and nature.

You must reappropriate your original mind, reconnect with the most primitive part of yourself and realign yourself to the original version of yourself to return to live your true life

It does not matter who you are and where you are now. The principle that I teach to come back to live one’s life is based on the recognition of the fact that practically no one fully exploits the abilities of one’s brain, nobody takes full advantage of the immense power of our inner world, and nobody fully exploits the activities, relationships, resources of the outer world.

This is why I have developed a protocol with advanced methods, powerful strategies, and new ways of thinking and acting, to increase your ability to achieve personal and professional goals and to raise your performances to extraordinary levels.

You do not need to go to the psychologist, you can help yourself with my books and video courses. Start investing in yourself. The psychologist can only show you the way, then you must be the one to follow it. Go to the psychologist will not help you if you’re not ready to take action.

Act not stay still! Click here to access the PROTOCOL ZELONI MAGELLI

ways of thinking

Two ways of thinking can be different, but both valid and correct

Two ways of thinking can be different, but both valid and correct.

How good would it be to wake up tomorrow morning in a world where harmony reigns, without any kind of social conflict, made of peace where diversity is respected?

Contact in the intergroup can improve prejudice and can help improve the society in which we live. But it is a phenomenon that needs to be placed in a social, multi-level and longitudinal context.

If there is a book that institutions must read, this is “Groups and Group Dynamics: Contact in the Intergroup and Prejudice“. It is my first book, written in 2010, but it will always be current.

We must promote the idea that two ways of thinking can be different, but both valid and correct.

We must respect others, listen and respect diversity.

I ask the institutions to put a hand over his heart, one hand on your heart and buy this book. And do it too! And do it too!

My dream is to live in a world of respect where harmony reigns and I’m sure that day is now near.

in the middle of nature

Recharge yourself in the middle of nature

Recharging in the middle of nature offers multiple benefits.

Let us first understand why it is so important stay in the middle of nature, let’s take a step back and go back to our origins.

We were born in the middle of nature, not in skyscrapers. Nature is our true home. We are born to live in harmony with nature, because we belong to the natural world, not to the artificial one.

When you feel the innate need to immerse yourself in nature it is because a part of you wants to return to its natural habitat. You know, before the man was deeply connected with the four natural elements, he had a very deep relationship with them. We were one with the surrounding environment.

The vital energy of nature also flows within us, because we are part of her. We are energetic beings, just like the world around us. Everything is energy.

Mother nature offers us nourishment, water, sun, oxygen, food, and is a source of energy and serenity.

We exist to live in harmony and in balance with the whole, but the artificial society imposes unnatural rhythms that cause all our illness.

It is precisely at this moment that nature comes to the rescue. It is the cure itself, it is our natural recharge, has regenerating effects on our body and helps us reconnect with ourselves. It takes us back to our natural state.

in the middle of nature

Your brain needs to recharge and can do it optimally right in the middle of nature.

And it’s in the middle of nature where you can really rest, she has the power to make you feel better. Nature is a powerful natural drug that has the power to raise our level of well-being. It increases our energy level because she is pure energy, energy that we can absorb and therefore regenerate ourselves

It has important properties for our health. It rebalances you, dissolves your muscular tension, nervous tensions, eliminates tiredness and has the power to reduce stress hormones in the blood. Fully recharge your energy structure and allow your brain to rest to its full potential. So benefits to the brain and to physical health.

In short, it makes you feel good.

Then nature has the great power to awaken your sensations, your most sincere emotions, helps you to be born again. Remove that artificial veil from your life and help you get back to being yourself, the real one.

So it helps you to listen to you more clearly, so it has the power to help us find our way.

It also makes you more active, vital and improves your intuition and creativity. In short, nature contains all the elements and principles necessary for regeneration, healing and recharging.

It’s a dimension where you can really rest.

So come down from the hamster wheel that puts a strain on your health with stress, worries and problems that tire you out and dump you. Return to contact with nature to free yourself from pain, eliminate discomfort, impatience, toxins and negative energies.

Return in the middle of nature for your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health.

Return to the base of your biological reality. Immerse yourself in natural landscapes, tune the colors of sunrise and sunset, return to inebriate with the melodies of the chirps of birds, the waves of the sea, the leaves and the music of the wind.

Rediscover the pleasure of uncontaminated nature. Rediscover the freedom to walk barefoot, which brings benefits to your joints and spine.

Return to observe and contemplate the nature. Her have the power to urge the senses of our body. The natural dimension elevates our emotions, our body, our mind and our spirit.

It also allows you to make a healthy Digital Detox to reduce your digital stress. Being in the middle of nature helps you forget about technology, you naturally find yourself in a dimension without distractions and your mind can concentrate on the here and now.

Back to savor the moment of the present, thanks to one of the highest values of life: The Carpe Diem. That it is not living the present with unruliness and irresponsibly as if there were no tomorrow, but savoring and enjoying the moment, enjoying the present moment, living the present with gratitude and admiration, is giving value to life, it’s a hymn to life. Be grateful to life.

How nice is it to walk while being caressed by the sun, the wind and the music that plays nature?

Remember that being in the middle of nature is free!

Nature is sincere, offers you peace, relaxation and general well-being. You can absorb its healing power, positive energy and the warmth of the sun. Also breathing in the open air is good for pressure.

Unfortunately the man compared to the last decades, is spending less time in the middle of nature. The time he has stolen from nature is dedicating him to television, computers, smartphones and video games. Man has become accustomed to artificial stimulation.

We must get used to stimulating our senses in a healthier and more natural way. The natural environment stimulates our perceptions, helps us to understand the reality of things on a deeper level, makes us more aware of the details that surround us.

Furthermore, nature has a great impact on our prefrontal cerebral cortex that helps you in creativity. So it helps you generate more creative thought processes. You will then find ideas and lost creativity.

Return to be a friend of nature!

I hope that you now feel the need to turn everything off to go to the woods, to the beach, to the sea, to the hills or to the mountains, to walk in the open air along the banks of a river or in the middle of the fields.

Do not miss a bit of exercise in the open air.

All of this has the power to detoxify you. So off the technology, isolated to think in the middle of nature, away from pollution and noise of the city to detoxify both on an organic and emotional level and rediscover the power of silence.

When you find a natural place that you like, spend time with it, lie down, put your body in contact with the natural elements, whether rocks, earth, stones or trees. Listen to your mind calm and remove stress, tension, problems and worries.

Relax, regenerate and recharge! Return to be a friend of nature!

Carpe diem…



mastermind book

Mastermind Book To Read!

Read a nice Mastermind Book!

If there is a mastermind book, which I would have liked to read at eighteen, is “The Power of Mastermind Group“.

Jim Rohn says that you’re the average of the five people spend the most time with.

The truth is that the people around us have a huge impact on our lives.

I would have liked to discover the power of the Mastermind Group at eighteen.

When we are surrounded by extraordinary people, you can truly do extraordinary things.

Try to understand the true meaning of the mastermind group. Try to understand what advantages and benefits it can bring into your life. And in this book, you’ll find all the information you need to take advantage of this truly extraordinary tool.

Find this book on amazon, it costs only five dollars, so make this investment for your personal and professional growth, you will thank me.

I wish you a good read.

Mastermind Event

The Most Complete and Advanced Mastermind Event in the World

Why should you attend a mastermind event?

Today I would like to talk to you about the most complete and advanced Mastermind Event in the world.

Imagine being here together with other professionals in a spirit of perfect harmony, and become aware of all that work, both in personal and professional life.

The experience I’m about to present is divided into 3 parts:

Part one. Every morning we will do an advanced training course on fundamental issues to acquire all those knowledge, that if correctly applied in their life and in their business, we are automatically projected towards success.

In the second part, that of the afternoon, we will do some real mastermind activities on the topics discussed in the morning. This will be a very important activity for you because you can use our brains and also those of the participants to find solutions to your problems on that specific topic.

You will have many minds at your service to find the right solutions for you.

In the third part, that of the evening, we will gather here again to converse, it will be a gym made up of clever and cultured conversations, just like in an ancient symposium.

As you will have understood, this will be an event for a few, so before the price goes up again, I suggest you book your place now.

Knowledge is power. You are about to acquire 100 years of experience in just 7 days. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Hybrid Mastermind